Core strength

timthumb_php_What is your core?  Do you know?  Do you think it’s just your abs?  I’m sure you’ve heard the word “core” thrown around, but what is it, really?  In addition to your abdominals, the core includes your lower back muscles, your pelvic floor muscles, and the muscles in your hips.  Having a strong core is extremely important.  Surprisingly, strengthening your core does not involve doing an occasional sit up or crunch.  Any movement where all angles of your abdominals, as well as your back muscles are working in conjunction, are the most beneficial movements in strengthening your core.  Added a simple plank to your daily routine can help you immensely in working on your balance, stability, posture, and in the prevention of back injuries.  A strong core means less injuries and better workouts!

3 rounds:

*30 mountain climbers in between each exercise

1 minute plank up/downs

1 minute weighted hip raises

1 minute flutter kicks

I minute walking push ups

1 minute high knee jump rope