Importance of a Strong Core


So what IS the point of having a strong core? Why should I worry about whether or not my abdominal muscles are developed? Your abs are responsible for absolutely everything you do. The stronger the core, the more stable the torso which means an overall stronger body. Every movement that you do becomes easier with a developed core. This doesn’t mean you have to have super cut and visible abs, this simply means your core muscles need to be regularly trained.

This is a problem that many athletes face. They wonder why they can’t catch an olympic lift, why they can’t hold the hollow rock position, why they can’t stay tight and keep from swinging during kipping pull ups.. it all goes back to the core. With a strong core, you’ll catch that lift, do hollow rocks for days, be smooth as silk during your kipping pull ups, and much more.

“Strong core muscles will improve your physical performance, prevent muscle soreness and stiffness, and help to prevent many of the aches and pains mainly associated with growing older. Strong core muscles will also improve your posture, simply because the core is the center of your entire body. When the center is strong, it’s stability is solid. When the center is not strong, the body cannot withstand the forces placed upon it because it’s not supported by a strengthened core. From a vanity standpoint, when the core is strong, physically the body looks better and clothing fits better.”

Thursday, September 19th, 2013


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