Movin on up

1235481_561332880568703_847503294_nGreat job on the pull ups yesterday everyone! Got a lot of good feedback, so we’ll keep incorporating them ๐Ÿ™‚

Also, yesterday was Sara Shafer’s very first day of CrossFit! Kick starting her CrossFit lifestyle with the “CrossFit for Hope” wod.. and she killed it! Keep up the great work Sara!!! KBC will miss you.

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Teams of 3

Run 1 lap together
150 DB thrusters (15/20#)
Run 1 lap together
150 WB sit ups (14/12#)
Run 1 lap together

*1 person works at a time

*you must switch when the person working breaks their reps

*each person must do at least 40 reps of each