“Final” BAFD!!


Today is the last day of Bring a Friend Week! Although this is the last “official” day, remember that you can always bring people to try it out and hopefully join. I’m sure you all have friends and/or family that are wondering what you’ve been doing to make all the progress you’ve been making. Bring um out! Anyone can come and do the WOD with us as a free intro class. All they have to do is sign the waiver and hopefully they’ll want to join KBC afterwards.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Teams of 2

Run 200 together w/ wall ball (1st partner carries the whole time)

100 wall ball slams (partner holds squat)

50 wall ball sit up passes

100 russian twist passes

50 wall balls (partner holds 6 inches)

Run 200 together w/ wall ball (2nd partner carries)