Bring a Friend Days


Bring a Friend Days are coming soon!!! I’ll be sending out an email with specifics, but the dates are going to be May 14th, 16th, and 18th. Both classes (11:30 & 7) will be open to your friends. You can bring as many friends as you’d like throughout the week, but please keep it to 2 or less PER CLASS. I don’t want it to get too crowded and we run out of equipment.

The purpose of these days is to show your friends what you’ve been doing to get into shape and maybe they’ll want to join you after trying it out. We have these in CrossFit and I like to use them to show all my friends what I do on a daily basis so they understand a little better why I’m so dedicated to the sport of fitness.

All of your friends will have to fill out a waiver in order to participate, but besides that they can just jump right in. You will be their ambassador: you are responsible for making sure they’re doing the movements correctly, pick up their slack in the WOD 😉 and most importantly.. have fun!! We’ll be doing team WODs every day that week (enjoy it while it lasts) to make it as fun for you all as possible.

I look forward to meeting your friends, and keep an eye out for the email soon!! Have a great Friday and Saturday everyone!