Meet Your Teammates


Today we’ll be doing a partner WOD, but I want everyone to partner up with someone they don’t know or haven’t partnered with before. Get to know them and learn some fun facts about them today. The best way to make a workout enjoyable and keeping you coming back for more is having friends doing it with you. Your workout won’t seem so bad when you have a friend in class.

We’ll be trying something new today.. it’s called “Pet Rock”. I was researching different CrossFit bootcamp programs around the country and came across this idea. It’s interesting, challenging and definitely looks fun 🙂 I’ll explain it before we start and we’ll see how it goes.

Also, I’m looking to do a night of dinner/drinks toward the end of May, so if you’re interested please email me your thoughts!! I hope everyone has been having a great weekend 🙂

Sunday, May 5, 2013

“Pet Rock” (rock = Kettlebell)

Teams of 2 accumulate:

200 push ups

(partner does wall sits)

200 sit ups

(partner holds 6 inches)

200 banded GM

(partner holds plank)