Week 2!!


First of all, congrats to everyone on making it through week one! I’m very impressed with everyone’s effort and dedication thus far. You guys are awesome. KEEP IT UP!

If you’ve signed up, treat yourself to a KBC shirt! They’re on sale for $22 in the gym. Tanks and T’s of all sizes. Let me know if you want one!

Just a few reminders for this week:

We will be doing measurements all week, so make sure you don’t leave right after the WOD! We’re just doing waist and hips. I want everyone to write down their numbers along with their weights so you can track your improvement over time.

Also, this coming weekend (April 27 & 28), myself and 3 of my teammates are competing in Maryland so we won’t be having bootcamp. Try to get out and run or do some kind of physical activity on Saturday or Sunday. We’ll be back at it on Monday!

Monday, April 22, 2013

AMRAP in 12

30 goblet squats

20 box step ups

10 push ups