Pre and post WOD intake



Along with questions and interests in paleo, I’ve gotten alot of “What should I eat before we workout?” “Is it good to workout on an empty stomach?” “What about after we workout.. when I want to eat the world??” Well I have some answers and suggestions for you guys. I’ll start off by sharing what has worked best for me:

Pre-WOD: Sweet potato with cinnamon, or apple with almond butter. And a glass of water to ensure you’re not dehydrated. (You should be drinking water all the time so you’re not dying of thirst during the WOD. At least 8 cups throughout the course of the day. Water should be your best friend.)

I’ve tried eating full meals pre-workout and it only makes me feel heavy and slow. So stick to one thing that will fill you up just enough to give you a good amount of energy for the workout, but not too much to make you feel like crap and possibly see it a second time. A’int nobody got time for that.

I usually eat something 45 minutes to an hour before I workout. That has proven to be the best timing strategy.

Post-WOD: I drink a protein shake immediately after my workout everyday, but only because I’m trying to put on muscle weight. If that isn’t your goal, I don’t suggest drinking them. Instead, have some fruit. Strawberries are a great option. They have loads of natural sugars that will help with your recovery, but won’t cancel out all the work you just put in.

Avocados are also a great option. They contain lots of good fats that lower blood cholesterol levels, and reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome and diabetes. They’re also an excellent source of fiber. I like to cut them in half and put tuna salad in the middle because the taste of plain avocado can get boring. Half an avocado with some tuna on it gets a gold star for the post-WOD snack.

Eat/drink your post-WOD within 30 minutes of your workout so it can start working on repairing those muscle fibers.

DO NOT workout on an empty stomach. I don’t know who put it in people’s heads that that’s a good idea.. it’s not. You’ll have zero energy for the workout and your body will get confused on what to use for energy, and you’ll end up on the floor. A’int noooobody got time for all that.

Also, remember that Saturday class has been moved to Sunday. I’ll see everyone at 11:30!! Have a great couple days off!