Fish oil, you’re gunna need it



Fish oil. This supplement is ESSENTIAL when you workout on a regular basis. It contains Omega-3 acids that reduce inflammation throughout the body, help prevent heart disease, and provide several other health benefits. It will reduce your recovery time so you can get back to your workouts quicker after being sore, it will increase your joint health and help alot with all those aches and pains in your joints when you do certain movements that target your main pain areas.

A lot of you guys have knee issues and lots of joint pain from playing sports in the past or whatever the case may be. I highly suggest you go to the grocery store and get a bottle of fish oil. I use Nature’s Best Fish Oil (pills), they have the purest ingredients that I’ve found so far. If I ever find a brand that’s even better I’ll let you know. They have in it pill and liquid form (I prefer pill because you can’t taste the fish as much). Start off taking 1 or 2 a day and see if you notice a difference. I take 3 daily and have no joint issues. I guarantee that I would if I didn’t take it as much as I do.

If you take vitamins that’s great too, but still add in the fish oil. If you’re not taking vitamins, I suggest taking One A Day Women’s with your fish oil everyday. Your body will thank you. Have a great day off everyone and see you on Sunday!!