KBC Day 1 is finally here!!!


Today is the big day!! I don’t know about you guys but my excitement about the start of this program is almost uncontrollable at this point. I’ve been counting down the days and now the hours until 11:30am on April 14th.

I’ll be posting loads of information for you guys in this blog, so make sure you check it regularly! There will be a post up daily. On days that we have class (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday) I will post the WOD (workout of the day) and a little blog about whatever comes to mind. Other days, you can look forward to anything from nutritional information to fun facts about fitness. If you have any suggestions about things to post or things you would like to learn more about, just let me know and I’ll do my best to find quality information for you.

The VERY FIRST WOD (oh yeahhh!!!) is posted below. We will be doing our very own Kinetic Bootcamp Baseline WOD. The purpose of a baseline workout is to keep track of your progress over time. We will be doing the baseline quarterly so that we can celebrate how much each one of you has improved since we’ve started. It is going to be awesome.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

KBC Baseline

3 rounds:

1 minute sit ups

1 minute push ups

1 minute squats

1 minute rest

Your total number of reps throughout the workout (all 3 rounds combined) will be your final score. Make sure you write it down and keep it! I suggest everyone gets a notebook or WOD book (on sale at CFW for $20) so that you can keep track of the workouts, your scores, and your progress over time.

I am SO EXCITED to meet all of  you today and welcome you to the life changing world of fitness.