Workout of the Day

Thursday March 23rd


Today: Strength: 7 Sets of: 3 touch and go power snatches + 1 touch and go full snatch every 90 seconds METCON: For time: 100kb swings for time 24,16kg *Every 2 min including minute 0 complete 30 split jumps

Weds, Mar 22nd


Today: Strength: Power Clean for a heavy 3rep METCON: 4 Rounds for reps of: :30 ME power cleans 135,95 :30 rest :30 ME wall balls 20,14 :30 rest :30 ME burpees :30 rest


As a coaching group we have agreed to help you guys with the single most influential movement in your fitness bag of tricks, the squat.  Reason for this is that the squat is the absolute basis of all other movements…. Read more »