Kinetic Bootcamp

Weds KBC

Today: 4 rounds for time 15 Squats 15 Knee raises from the pull-up bar 15 KB swings *every 2 mins complete 20 crunches and then continue.

Tuesday Bootcamp

Today: In 15 minutes complete as many rounds as possible. Lunge one length of the turf with a plate overhead. 15 Plate ground to overhead Lunge Back 15 Push-ups

Friday Bootcamp

Today: A.   3 Sets of 10 single arm Dumbell bent over Rows (each arm).  Go up each set B.  4 rounds for time: 16 overhead walking lunges 16 Plate ground to overhead Run 200m  

Thursday Bootcamp

Today: 3 rounds for time: 15 DB thrusters (30, 20) 15 (depending on level) Jumping pull-ups or Ring Rows.  *Pick the harder of the to movements an challenge yoursefl **Keep intensity very high.