Kinetic Bootcamp

Free community workout at VA Runner store


Wednesday, February 12th we are hosting a free workout at the VA Runner location on Smoketown Rd.  Please join us at around 5:00pm for a free workout and a great opportunity to meet new people.

6 February 2014


Jumping lunges



Push ups/ring rows


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Bootcamp is expanding!


As you may have noticed, bootcamp is growing!  Our evening classes especially are getting nice and big.  It’s awesome, but space is limited until we expand later this month.  Look forward to our expansion-it’s bringing so much more room!  Thanks for your patience!

4 February 2014

AMRAP in 15 minutes

10 ball squats

10 ball slams

10 sit ups

EMOM (every minute on the minute) 5 KBS




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Interval time!

bc30 seconds work/10 seconds rest, rotating through the following movements for 4 rounds:

jumping squats




push ups


goblet lunges

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1 February 2014

5 rounds:

10 man makers

10 box jumps

10 push press

10 air squats

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Push it!

julieSee the picture above?  That’s Julie getting some air, recovering from a workout.  She always pushes herself, no matter what the workout is.  Intensity starts from within.  No one can push you out of your comfort zone besides yourself.  If you don’t push yourself out of that comfortable bubble we all live in, you’ll never change, and you’ll never reach your goals.  You should never leave the gym saying, “that wasn’t very hard.”  I can give you the easiest workout ever written, but if you dig from within, and push your limits, ANY workout can be extremely challenging.  I give you the workouts.  I write them for you.  I encourage you when they’re going on.  But…what you do with what I give you is up to you.

30 January 2014

AMRAP in 15

10 KB deadlifts

15 DB thrusters

20 mountain climbers


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Help each other out


I’ve asked several of you if you enjoy the partner days, and everyone says they absolutely do.  Why do we do these types of workouts?  I believe, and have experienced myself, that we push ourselves more when a partner is watching and waiting for us.  When we have someone standing there waiting for their turn, and getting those reps done depends on both of you, it’s encouraging and motivating.  That’s why we love partner WODs.  If you come to bootcamp on Saturday mornings, you’ll see the Crossfit class doing their weekly partner WOD.  So really take this opportunity to push yourself and get this WOD done QUICKLY!  Don’t just go through the movements, push it!!!

28 January 2014

Teams of 2 or 3:

100 pull ups

100 box step overs

100 push ups

**everytime you switch partners, both partners do 3 burpees




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27 January 2014

AMRAP in 12

7 ball slams

14 russian KBS

21 air squats


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Welcome the VA Runners!


Welcome the VA Runners again to Crossfit Woodbridge!  We are going to be inside for the workout this time…Brrr…  I wouldn’t do that to you.   Please come out at 8am for some fun inside the nice warm building!

25 January 2014

AMRAP in 15 min

50 overhead lunge buy in

10 wall balls

10 box jumps

10 push ups

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Free community clinic/workout with VA Runner


5We are having another free community workout here at Crossfit Woodbridge this Saturday!  As you might remember from before, we are teaming up with VA Runner to put on a free community workout once a month.  They’re going to run to Crossfit Woodbridge from their store and meet us here at approximately 8am.  Please come out and show some support to the runners and get a workout!  Normal 9am bootcamp will still be running for those who cannot make the 8am workout.

EMOM (Every minute on the minute) for 15 minutes


3 burpee over KB

5 goblet squats


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laura21 January 2014

Teams of 2

25 push ups

50 box jumps

75 sit ups

100 squats


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