Kinetic Bootcamp

Station party


station party today guys. I need max effort at a station then move on to the next.  Work hard for a given time then rest!  See you tomorrow!


1 minute at each station, 3 rounds:

Battle ropes


Box Step ups

Goblet Squats

Band Running!!!!

Rest station

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tabata time


Hope everyone got something out of the nutrition class we had on Saturday.  Remember to try and take one small thing out that you know is unfavorable this week.  Also, if you can look at your plate and see all three macro nutrients on your plate then you’re doing well.  Keep it up folks



Dumbell push-press

Plank hold



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Partners of 2:

50 Med ball cleans

run 5 laps

40 Ring rows

Run 4 laps

30 KB Complex

run 3 laps

20 wall balls

run 2 laps

10 Burpee lateral jump over the med ball

run 1 lap to finish!!

Don’t forget we’re going to have a short nutrition talk tomorrow after class!!

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Nutrition Saturday


Guys, hopefully everyone can make the Saturday class.  I want to give some tips and a short lesson on nutrition moving forward.  I know some of you have expressed interest in this so I hope to have a good showing.


AMRAP in 8:

10 KB swings

12 Sit-ups

rest 2 minutes

AMRAP in 8

2x suicide sprints

10 burpees


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Grit and grind


Ladies and gentlemen a new week is upon us!!  Are you setting goals for each day, week or month that you would like to reach?  Let Jeff and I know in the comment section.


15 minute AMRAP

5 Ring Rows

10 Push-ups

15 Squats

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Partner stuff


Hey ya’ll great week at Kinetic Bootcamp!  I’m proud of everyone for pushing hard.  We’re gonna do a little partner WOD today at 9am.

With a partner complete…

70 Dumbell Push press

60 Wall balls

50 Ball slams

40 Dumbell front squats

30 Push-ups

20 mountain climbers

Run 5 laps together.

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Great class!



Great class today you guys!!  I’m also excited about the new times.  I think it will be good for everyone and THANK YOU for your feedback and input.  Here you go..


5 minute AMRAP of

15 Jumping lunges

15 Push-ups

2 minutes of ball slams

5 min AMRAP of

10 Ring rows

12 KB swings

2 minutes of sit-ups

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Hey guys!  I sent out an email today to all of you–I really hope you all received it.  This Saturday will be my last day at Crossfit Woodbridge.  I received an amazing job opportunity, and I’m so excited about it.  Thank you for all being so awesome and so much fun during this part of my life.  The other coaches will take very good care of you after I leave, and they’ll will find someone awesome to take over the bootcamp program.

10 April 2014

8 Rounds

20 overhead lunges


20 squats

10 push ups



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8 April 2014

5 Rounds

10 wall balls

10 ball sit ups

10 ball slams

10 burpees

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Look at that nice, straight back!  During this kettlebell swing, Julie has her knees back and over her toes, her chest up and her back straight.  This is great form for any movement..whether it be an air squat, a deadlift, or picking up a piece of furniture.  This form encourages the use of glutes and hamstrings, and minimizes stress on the lower back.

100 Russian KBS

5 laps around track

100 air squats

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