Back to the grind…


Hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday weekend.  Now back to the grind, see you at the box.

Today: 9/2/2014

12 sets of 2 reps Back Squat @ 75% of 1RM


AMRAP in 10 mins

Shuttle Run

10 x DL (175/120)

15 x ABMAT Sit Up

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DC Brawlers

YouTube Preview Image

As many of you are already aware the DC/NOVA area has a new professional sport and team in that sport.  The National Pro Grid League is a functional fitness team competition that features elite athletes executing highly intense movements as fast as possible.  We are lucky enough to have one of the strongest if not the strongest team right here at home.  The DC Brawlers are undefeated so far this season and have the #1 power ranking out of all teams.  So, who wants to go to their final match of the season this coming Saturday, September 6th?  See the info below and get tickets here.

**Reminder Today’s hours are 9am, 4:30 and 5:30pm


Push Press – 5RM


Teams of 2 Gymnastics Triplet For Time

50 Toes to Bar

50 Handstand push ups

50 Pistols


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Weekend and Monday Schedule


Reminder that we will be closed for a barbell seminar Saturday and Sunday.

Monday we will be open at 9am, 4:30 and 5:30pm.  Full schedule picks back up on Tuesday.  Have a great weekend and be safe.

Some at home WODs:

50 Rounds of:

1 squat,1 pushup,1 situp.1 superman,1 tuck jump


50 squats
25 pushups
50 pistols
25 fingertip pushups
50 side lunges
25 knuckle pushups
50 walking lunges
25 diamond pushups


50 flutterkicks
50 situps
Run 400m
100 flutterkicks
100 situps
Run 400m

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Jess Y crankin it out


Here’s Jess Y banging out her version of the push up.  Jess is two weeks out from giving birth to their future Crossfitter.  She’s being cranking out some CrossFit here at CFW for a year, 9 of those months she’s been pregnant.  Her coaches have helped her scale and replace some movements so that she can get the effect she needs out of each and every workout here.  We’re proud of your dedication and can’t wait to meet you new baby.


AMRAP in 15 minutes

Run 3 laps

30 Squats

15 Pull-ups






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Annnnd we’re back


Mmmm, kettle bells!! Who’s pissed off at the kettle bell today?  That WOD was pretty serious.  I spoke at my classes about ripping hands and how it’s not worth tearing your hands to finish a workout.  I’ve never believed that ripping the hands is a mark of a man or woman who has gone hard.  I think you should look at ripped hands as a legit injury.  I mean, can you train the next day? No.  Can you even shower without crying or clinching your teeth? No.  So, an injury doesn’t have to be a broken femur or a cracked skull.  It’s as simple as a ripped hand that can take you out of a training cycle.  So, in short..take care of your hands.  We have some gymnastics grips in the pro shop that people love.  You can make your own MAGIC HANDS or you can be like “oh man, I’m ripping maybe I should stop before my hand legitimately falls off”.


1RM thruster (should be a combo between what you can push press and what you can front squat)


21, 15 and 9

thrusters and burpees



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Got vitamins?

Had the opportunity to attend a vitamin and supplement seminar this weekend at another affiliate.  It was interesting to hear that the average american (non-crossfitter) is deficient in all the major vitamins (C,D, Zinc and Magnesium and fish oil).  Now, the only real way to know about deficiencies is to have your blood work done so you can see what’s going on in there.  BUT, I would love everyone to seriously consider getting that blood work done and checking into where you can bring your levels up.  You’d be surprised with the way you feel, recover and sleep with added aforementioned vitamins.


3 Rounds for time

50 KB swings

30 Push-ups

100 Double unders

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Closure reminder

There may not be a picture for a day or two as Sites as RX’d, our website host is updating the site.  Once that is complete we’ll get your smiling faces up on the posts again.  Speaking of posts, your coaches miss your comments on when we write.  Don’t want to talk to us?  Our breath smell?

Reminder:  Gym is closed this Saturday and Sunday for a barbell seminar.


1RM Front Squat:   *Use August 17th 3RM as a reference


EMOM for 12 minutes

Odd minutes do 15 Wall Balls

Even Minutes do 15 Pull-ups

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Good form note



I want you to really pay attention to when a coach asks you about going up in weight during the strength time in class.  Yes, it is the point to add weight to the bar to get stronger.  Yes, it is the point to stress the body so you can create adaptation.  It is not the point however to do this at all costs.  The main coast being a lack in good form the heavier the weight gets.  I have ZERO problem with a coach or an athlete making the decision to say “you know what, that may not be as heavy as I can go but, its as heavy as I can go with good form”  I will applaud you for that.  Form will beg bigger numbers.  Simple as that.


20 minutes for Power Clean as heavy as possible with GOOD form.  *reminder, we are currently not looking for as heavy as possible any way possible.


AMRAP in 12 minutes

12 SDHP (95,65)

12 Boxy Jumps



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Split Jerk Skills

YouTube Preview Image


Study up…Congrats to our CAL teams on a great performance.  CFW is proud of you!

Today: 08/24/14

10am: Split Jerk Technique

11am: AMRAP in 12 mins

3 Muscle Ups

6 Push Jerks (115/75)

12 Sit Ups

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CAL Championships 2014


Come out to CrossFit Impavidus today to support our 2 teams that have made it to the Championships.  WOD 1 will start at 8 am and will wrap up on/around 3:30pm.  100% of your $5 spectator fee will be donated to the Northern VA, DC and MD Coaches Academy for Weightlifting, see a brief description below:

This summer, CH Fitness and Performance hosted a Five Week Olympic Weightlifting High School Coaches Academy to build upon the knowledge gained at a USAW High School Coach Course in June. The Coaches Academy concluded with a half day clinic with youth athletes on Saturday, August 16 at CrossFit South Arlington. The clinic was designed to allow continued learning and support to coaches in a live setting with athletes. 

The Coaches Academy and the Clinic was provided through a partnership of CH Fitness and Performance , USA Weightlifting and the D.C. Schools Athletic Association.

Best of luck to our teams!

Today: 08/23/14

CrossFit Team Series WOD 1:

AMRAP in 12 mins – Partners Alternate Rounds

30 Double Unders

15 Power Snatches


Coach Led Core Work for the Weekend!!


*BossFit, You guys do not take enough pics…


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