CAL Championships 2014


Come out to CrossFit Impavidus today to support our 2 teams that have made it to the Championships.  WOD 1 will start at 8 am and will wrap up on/around 3:30pm.  100% of your $5 spectator fee will be donated to the Northern VA, DC and MD Coaches Academy for Weightlifting, see a brief description below:

This summer, CH Fitness and Performance hosted a Five Week Olympic Weightlifting High School Coaches Academy to build upon the knowledge gained at a USAW High School Coach Course in June. The Coaches Academy concluded with a half day clinic with youth athletes on Saturday, August 16 at CrossFit South Arlington. The clinic was designed to allow continued learning and support to coaches in a live setting with athletes. 

The Coaches Academy and the Clinic was provided through a partnership of CH Fitness and Performance , USA Weightlifting and the D.C. Schools Athletic Association.

Best of luck to our teams!

Today: 08/23/14

CrossFit Team Series WOD 1:

AMRAP in 12 mins – Partners Alternate Rounds

30 Double Unders

15 Power Snatches


Coach Led Core Work for the Weekend!!


*BossFit, You guys do not take enough pics…


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Athlete Profile: Nāpualokelani Kamakele


What can you say about Napua…she loves all things Hawaii, Steelers Football and #powerliftingwithnick!  Napua comes in every day to work hard, attack her weaknesses and become better.  She is passionate about her fitness, passionate about strength and a joy and inspiration to have in class.  Napua keep lifting heavy and chasing more strength!  Check out her Athlete Profile below:


Name: Napualokelani (Napua or Pua)
Age: 37
Why did you choose to do the Powerlifting Seminar?
I liked the way lifting weights made me feel as an active teenager and having not lifted on a regular basis for many years, I wanted to revisit it and get stronger.
What were 3 of your goals when starting powerlifting?
Gain strength, build muscle & find a new program that would enhance my overall fitness goals.
Have you achieved those goals?
What type of body composition changes have you seen since starting powerlifting with CrossFit?
Although I’m not as lean as I’d like to be YET, I have seen great changes in the definition of my upper arms & thighs the most. And my ass is sitting higher & tighter than it ever has in my life!
What are your goals for the future in fitness, CrossFit and powerlifting?
My goals for powerlifting are to get stronger, build endurance, build more muscle and perhaps compete in powerlifting events locally. I’d also be interested in encouraging women to powerlift and articulate the benefits.
My main goal for CrossFit, specifically over the next year, are to attack my weaknesses, which usually involve bodyweight skills and drop weight via a combination of powerlifting and high intensity interval training (met cons).
Anything else you want to add:
Big Mahalo to Coach Nick for his guidance, encouragement & programming. I may have complained about certain accessory work while doing them, but trust me, it came from a place of love as I am a believer in the program. Westside Barbell’s methods are proven and #powerliftingwithnick = GAINS! It would be highly inappropriate if I didn’t also acknowledge my fellow power athletes who are all sources of inspiration to me in their own right. Keep on lifting heavy shit!!

Today: 08/22/14

5×3 Deadlift


3 Rounds for time:

Run 400m

15 Sumo DL (185/125)

15 Toes to Bar

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Snatch Complex


Reminder:  The 2014 Capital Affiliate League Championships are this Saturday at Crossfit Impavidus from 8am to 4pm.  Come out and support our athletes as they take on the best teams from around NOVA, DC and MD.

Today: 08/21/2014

Snatch Complex: Snatch + Hang Snatch + OHS – 1RM



Ring Push Ups

KB Swings (53/35)

Box Step Ups (20 inch)

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Athlete Profile: Chuck McCoy


Some of you may know Chuck McCoy and some of you may not.  He is the easily recognizable and handsome man that walks in the gym with muscles bulging out of his shirt ready to attack whatever challenge we may throw at him.  But, what I truly hope that many of you get to know about Chuck is his booming personality and ability to light up any room and take any athlete to the next level through his excitement and encouragement.  Chuck has already made some great progress through CrossFit and our Powerlifting Seminar and I know he has many more accomplishments to come.  Chuck, you sir are a joy to Coach! -Nick

Below is a brief write up from Chuck about his experiences with CrossFit and Powerlifting:

Name:  Chuck McCoy

Age:  49

Why did you choose to do the Powerlifting Seminar?
The best way for me to explain why I chose to participate in the Powerlifting Seminar is that, I wanted to bring my training intensity to the next level and to truly begin to train with purpose. The Powerlifting Seminar incorporates the Conjugate method, which simply put;
Focuses on combining the speed (Dynamic Effort) and Max effort days in which 5 elements of strength are trained:
Absolute Strength

What were 3 of your goals when starting powerlifting?
Lose weight, gain strength and strengthen core

Have you achieved those goals?
Though I have quite a distance to travel on this journey…. “HELL YEAH!”

What type of body composition changes have you seen since starting powerlifting with CrossFit?
To date; I have lost 46 pounds, gone down 2 pant size and believe it or not my shoe size has gone down 1/2 a size

What are your goals for the future in fitness, CrossFit and powerlifting?
CROSSFIT-  To become a more conditioned athlete. Also to begin exploring the possibility of training for and competing within the Capital Affiliate League in the future. I also will be pursuing opportunities to become Level 1 Certified as a Crossfit Trainer.
POWERLIFTING- To continue training, hit personal goals and then ultimately obtaining my Crossfit certification in powerlifting, football and mobility.

Any additional Information:
On a personal note, one of the best decisions that I have made is joining Crossfit Woodbridge as well as participating in the Conjugate Powerlifting program. You see, unless you become part of it, it’s tough to understand. Simply put, Crossfit Woodbridge and the Conjugate Powerlifting Program has become an extension of my family. So much so, that my wife and children will be joining in the near future.

Today: 08/19/14

60 Med Ball Sit Ups

50 Wall Balls

40 Med Ball Cleans

30 Med Ball OH Walking Lunges

20 Med Ball Push Ups (both hands on ball)


Tricep/Rear Delt Accessory Work

3×20 DB Roll Back Extensions

100 Band Face Pulls

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Powerlifting Seminar Recap


Over the past 7 weeks Jason and I had the pleasure of coaching some amazing athletes through our powerlifitng seminar.  The seminar was filled with some long hard sessions and amazing feats of strength and skill by all of the athletes.  We want to thank all who participated, some not shown above, for an amazing 7 weeks.  Your hard work and dedication to the program was awesome and showed on test day.  Below are some details about the success of the athletes and the winners of the Powerlifting Finals.

*Stay tuned for some of our Powerlifters fitness stories and inspiration!

Level 1 Winner: Rebecca Johnson

Wide Stance Box Squat: 240# (50# PR)

Deadlift: 300# (15# PR)

Bench Press: 135# (10# PR)

Level 2 Winner: Chuck McCoy

Wide Stance Box Squat: 405# (20#PR)

Deadlift: 465 (20#PR)

Bench Press: 375# (59# PR)

Level 1 Success:

Total PRs: 350# (Avg of 16.6# per lift)

Level 2 Success:

Total PRs: 386# (Avg of 14.2# per lift)

Today: 8/18/14

Strict Press – 5×5


AMRAP in 12 mins

Shuttle Run

5 Power Cleans (155/105)

5 Burpee Over Bar

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Ice. Bucket. Challenge


Just a reminder that CFW will be conducting the ice bucket challenge tonight at 6pm.  We’ll start gathering people and ice water around 6 and hopefully execute a mass ice water dumping between the 6:30 and 7:30 classes.  If you’re into dumping ice cold water on yourself or a friend for ALS then come out and do it with us.  Bring your ice and bucket we’ll supply the video.  If you want to call out a friend you’ll have the opportunity to do so as well.  Hope to see you then



Front Squat 3RM



Front Squat (115, 75)


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Sunday skill sesh

DSC_0770Moday is going to be the last day to sign up for the 7 week Olympic Lifting class.  The 6pm class is closed but the morning classes are still open.  If you’re looking to improve your technique and dial in these movements this 7 week course is the one you want to be in.  Sign up via zen planner and reserve your spot.


10am:  Skill sesh for Pistols


AMRAP in 10

5 Pistols, 5 HSPU, 5 Pull-ups



AMRAP in 20


10 Pistols

15 Squats

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Partner up



Partners of 2:

Complete 100 KB/DB snatches between the both of you.

Partner A completes KB/DB snatches, Partner B hangs from Pull-ups bar in the L position.  (Men no less than 53, women no less than 35)

*L position needs to be held for reps to count

** Buy in with an 3 laps and buy out with 3 laps

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CrossFit and Pregnancy


Lots of strong women still CrossFitting at CFW while pregnant.  I personally love to see this.  I think it just exudes strength and power as woman.  Embracing the changes and persevering through them.  taking care of their bodies so they can be healthy and strong for their soon to be little CrossFitters.  I love everything about it.  I also love the conversations about scaling and what we talk about during those forced breaks.  I’m proud of you guys, seriously.  Keep it up.

YouTube Preview Image


5 Rounds

Run 1 Lap

15 KB swings

15 Ring dips

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Ice bucket challenge

YouTube Preview Image

If you haven’t seen our Facebook Page yet, I’ve called everyone out!!  I got called out by Colleen Garcia and Damien Madison from CrossFit Prominent and he had a great idea, call out the entire box.  So, I’ve done my challenge and I challenged some big names in CrossFit to help make a big dent in the ALS donations.  Guys, I’d love everyone to try and make it on Monday at 6pm so we can dump ice cold water on each other for a great cause.  Get on Facebook and check out my call-out and come join the party Monday at 6pm.  If you’re in being a bucket and some ice (30 pounds was in my bucket) and that’s it.  See you there..


15 minutes for hang Snatch 1Rm


3 Rounds

30 hang power snatch

30 Wall balls


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