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Hopefully by now everyone has had a chance to meet and speak with new Dan, Dan.2, or Dan v2. Dan has come on full time after taking a tour of Northern Virginia seeing what he does and does not like about CrossFit gyms.  After weeks of interviewing, discussing concepts and plans we have decided to give him a full time home.  We’re both excited for the future as he settles in here and works to push this community forward.   Please welcome him as I am excited to have him on board. …

What do you do with a bachelor’s in Applied Nutrition? Well, if you’re Dan, you move to Brooklyn, New York, take a job in construction consulting, buy a kettlebell online to swing around in your tiny concrete backyard, and rely on for instruction! Then, months later, when you’re doing pull-ups on monkey bars and jumping onto picnic tables in the park, your wife-to-be pushes you into the nearest actual CrossFit gym. Dan joined CrossFit Vituosity, became their handyman, then coaching apprentice, then moved back to northern Virginia to become a full-time coach.

In recent years, Dan has been a head coach and programmer at multiple CrossFit gyms, developed kettlebell and weightlifting seminars, and even coached highschool baseball. His academics are in nutrition, anatomy, and physiology, but his practical experience is as a hands-on coach training people to improve every day.

Ask him anytime about the value and definition of virtuosity, or his favorite Aristotle quote!

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
CrossFit Kettlebell Trainer
USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach
Crossroads Adaptive Athletic Alliance Coach
Sports First Aid/CPR/AED Certified
NFHS Concussions in Sports Training
BS Applied Nutrition – University of Delaware


Wednesday 1/13/16



3×5 @ <80% of 1RM

Check your numbers! Warm up with weight, then load the bar for the same weight on all three sets of five reps.


For Time

10 Shoulder To Overhead 115/80#
1 Front Rack Lunge
9 Shoulder To Overhead
2 Front Rack Lunge
… (continue this pattern until) …
2 Shoulder To Overhead
9 Front rack Lunge
1 Shoulder To Overhead
10 Front Rack Lunge

*2 Front Squats must be performed WHENEVER the bar is taken from the ground*

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Tuesday 1/12/2016


Guys, I’m proud to announce that our casino night raised a whopping $5340.99 for our two charities.  I appreciate everyone who came out to celebrate, donate, gamble and to have a good time.  Also, thank you to our planning committee (above) for putting this event together.  They did a wonderful job.  The place looked amazing and the event went off without a hitch.  Thanks again to everyone!


2x Hang Power Snatch + 2x Overhead Squat

Work to the heaviest weight you can while still going unbroken… not letting the bar touch the ground until after the second overhead squat. Remember to pause briefly at the hang position of each snatch to establish good position and minimize stretch reflex.



3 Rounds For Time

400m Run
21 Kettlebell Swings 53/35#
12 Pull-Ups

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Monday 1/11/2016




Back Squat

Find your 5RM, Then 5@95%, 5@90%



EMOM 16 (Rotating)

12/10 Cal Row

6 Burpees

15 KB Thrusters 53/35#

6 Burpees

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Casino Night


Today is the day.  Casino night!!  Tickets are still being sold at the door so come on out.

Remember, no class or kids class tonight!!

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Casino Night


Guys, don’t forget to bring some cash for the night.  You’re going to need it!!

No Class on Saturday and Casino Night starts at 6pm!   See you there!!


15 minutes for a heavy overhead squat single


3 Rounds

25 Wall Balls

5 muscle ups *sub chest to bar pull-ups


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No Kids No Bootcamp No CrossFit


There is still time to buy your Casino Night tickets for Saturday night.  Don’t forget that class is cancelled for prep for casino night.  No Kids, No Bootcamp No CrossFit on Saturday.  Hope to see you there.

Also, the games season is upon us.  We are continuing the tradition of the Friday Night Lights events here at CFW.  Sign up for for division and check out and pre-order the shirts that are posted on the white board!


Push Press 5 RM then

1×5 @95% and 1×5@ 90%


5 minute windows of:

800 m run

remaining time Max Effort snatches #95

rest 3 minutes

400 m run

remaining time ME cleans #95

rest 3 minutes

200 m run

remaining time ME thrusters #95

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Saturday Class


Seeing that we will be getting ready for our Casino Night Saturday classes will be closed.  If anyone would like to help set up we will be there early morning.  Contact Jenn Curry or Suzanne Johnson or Dan if you’d like to help.


10 min EMOM

1 deadlift at 80%


7 minute AMRAP

7 power clean #55

7 thrusters #55

7 pull-ups

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Front Squat- Heavy Single


EMOM 20 minutes:

Odd: 15 double unders+10 kettlebell swings

Even: 6 burpees

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Casino Night Ticket sales


On January 9th, 2016, we’ll be hosting a Casino Night and Silent Auction right here at the gym to raise money for two local charities: Reel American Heroes Foundation and Helping Neighbors in Need. Take a minute to google each charity and you can find out about some of the amazing work they’re both doing in the Woodbridge community.

As for the actual event, you definitely don’t want to miss it. Tickets are only $10 and include a free drink ticket  (if purchased in advance) and play gambling money. You will then have the chance to spend the night playing poker, craps, roulette, and blackjack with all of your CFW friends and guests. The top three chip leaders at the end of the night will even qualify for some pretty amazing prizes!

We’ll have beer and wine for sale all night (all proceeds raised go to the charities) and free snacks and desserts available as well as some really great photo opportunities in your formal wear!

Additionally, you’ll have the chance to bid on some really exciting silent auction items. So far our list includes the below items and continues to grow every day.

*12 week meal plan from Max Muscle

*Fishing Tournament Ride Along with Reel American Heroes

*Autographed shirts from the DC United Team, RG3, and 2015 CrossFit Games Champ Ben Smith

*A Customized Cornhole Set from Papa Roush

*A variety of services including: Personal Training, Resume and Website Building, Car Detailing, Nutrition Counseling, Pole Dancing Lessons, and Photography Sessions

*There’s even a chance to win a training session with the one and only Bob Carter!

Make sure to buy your tickets now! If we sell 100 tickets before Christmas, our coaches will complete a special Casino Night WOD designed by you guys! Tickets are only $10 and you can pay with cash or a check! Ask your coach at the beginning or end of any workout how to get tickets!



2 RM Hang Clean


3 minute AMRAP

30 double unders

10 box jump

10 push press #65


rest 2 minutes

repeat 2 more times

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Teams of 4
For time complete:

200m Sprint Relay (2 People working at at time)
20 Pull-up Relay (2 People working at a time)
300m Row Relay (1 Person working at a time)
30 KB Swing Relay (53,35) (1 Person working at a time)
400m Run (all Together)
40 Power Cleans (155,105) Cumulative (1 Person working at a time)
600m KB carry (all together)


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