4 rounds for time

5 hand power cleans (135, 95)

7 thrusters  (135,95)

12 Toes to bar



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Saturday Plan


Coach Lindsey Lou Who pR’ing her back squat at 240 for 3.  Yikes

Saturday will be our first games workout starting at 9am.  We’ll brief everyone on the workout and the standards starting off and then move into the heats.  First up will be the kids!  The best part of our games honestly! Then, scaled, Masters and RX’d.  We’ll party as much as we’re able post WOD so bring your beer and fun attitude!  See you then.


Power Clean 3 rm.  *should be dropped after each rep

3 Rounds


30 Wall Balls

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Back Squat

5×3 at 90% of Monday’s 3Rm


40, 30,20 Kettlebell snatch

21, 15 and 9 Ring dips

40 KB snatch, 21 ring dips, ..30/15,.. 20/9.

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Power Snatch 3rm


4 Rounds

3 Power Snatch

3 Hang Snatch (full)

3 Overhead squats

30 Double Unders




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Games are a comin!!  We want to have as much fun as possible on Saturday so, that means post WOD drinking and eating.  Please feel free to bring something to drank on and eat after the WOD.  Crush fitness and then partake in a tasty kill cliff and vodka!!

Still no pictures.  Don’t lose sleep


Back Squat 3rm


5 rounds

Row 500m

*rest as long as necessary to go max effort each time.

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Internet sucks so insert a pretty picture of a nice beach here


AMRAP in 12

5 heavy thruster

10 Chest to bar pull-ups

12 Pistols

*Thrusters should be heavy enough to do unbroken each round.

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Snatch and Clean and Jerk

12 sets of 1 at 70% of 1Rm


Teams of 4

Complete the following for time (switch out as often as you like)

Athlete 1&2 Work – Athletes 3&4 (one must hold plank for reps to count) 20 HSPUs 30 Deadlifts (225)(155) 60 Box Jump Overs (24″)(20″) All 4 contribute to this portion no static holds required 60 burpees (3 work. *get to 60 any way possible.) 40 Cleans (135,95) 30 Wallball each (in order relay style; all reps complete before next athlete can begin) 40 Cleans

60 Burpees (3 work *get to 60 anyway possible)

Athlete 3&4 Work – Athletes 1&2 (one must hang from the bar for reps to count) 60 Box Jump Overs 30 Deadlifts 20 HSPUs

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Collections at the gym


As you know, we’ve been collecting donations of thermals, jerky and water for Woodbridge Homeless Outreach. This Saturday the Stormin’ Norman Band (made up of JV, her husband Norman and new CFW member Andrew) will be playing a fundraiser show at Hard Times Woodbridge for WHO and The 25th Project (another local organization serving our homeless). Hard Times might not be everyone’s favorite venue but we’d love a great show of support for this awesome cause.

SNB will start early (about 7pm!) and will be followed by lots of other great bands/ musicians. There will also be some great raffles (including a free month at CFW)! So please come support your fellow CrossFitters and these great organizations.

If you’re not able to attend but would like to help please visit this GoFundMe page:


A brief word on what these organizations do:

Right now there are approximately 30 tent camps in the Woodbridge area with hundreds of homeless men and women.   Why do they live in tents in the woods? None can afford housing (it is hard to find even a room for rent in this area for less than $1,000 a month). Some have been in homeless shelters, but have reached their maximum stay allowance. A few have pets or some possessions that they would have to leave behind in order to stay in a shelter. Many do work, and quite a few are veterans (at the camp where I take CFW donations I know of 5 veterans, and am learning of more all the time). All are just trying to survive. The funds raised will go to  two organizations, the Woodbridge Homeless Outreach and The 25th Project, which provide essentials such as propane tanks (to help alleviate the freezing cold), tarps, coats, socks, RX, dental assistance. The goal is to empower, and encourage our homeless neighbors to take the next steps towards self-sufficiency.


Push Press 5Rm


1) 3 Attempts at max effort Double Unders

2) 3 Attempts at max effort HSPU for reps

3) 100 KB snatches for time.


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Free Class Saturday


Guys, if you have friends or family interested in CFW we have our free class Saturday at 10:30.  Have then call or e-mail to reserve a spot.

If you want an Open shirt for the upcoming CFW games get your name on the list. Second order goes in soon.


Power Clean 5×5 at 65% of 5Rm


4 rounds

30 Double Unders

20 Wall balls

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Back Squat

5×5 at 65% of 5RM



SDHP (95,65)

Push Press (95,65)

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