Front Squat 1RM


EMOM for 10 minutes

5 CTB Pull-ups

15 Wall Balls


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Pay dem billz


Hopefully everyone is loving the new shirts!  If you have a specific size that isn’t in there and would like me to re-order or order that let me know.  I’ll be more than happy just let me know.

Also, open up your Saturday morning/afternoon/wheneverthebeerisgone to have some fun, drinks and food at CFW this coming Saturday the 1st.  It’s going to be a post halloween/fall/snickerdoodle/pre-winter/post-summer get together so bring your happy pants and something to share.  #fun



Rope Climb skills and variations.


AMRAP in 20

15 Thrusters

3 Rope climbs

8 pistols


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Shirts are in!


New shirts are here and ready for you.  Grab some new CFW swag when you’re in next!


Teams of 2

Buy in 40 Handstand push-ups

30 Squat cleans (185, 115)

100 Kettlebell swings  (70, 53)

50 Ring Dips

Buy out with 3 laps and in.



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Kostumes and Kegs??


Hey everyone, I’d love to get everyone together on Halloween and throw down as a big crew BUT, Halloween is on Friday.  Although this IS actually pretty awesome for Halloween it’s tough to get everyone together seeing that everyone’s rushing home to take the kiddies out trick’o’treatin.  So, I would like to purpose a Saturday Halloween celebration.  Let’s do a kick ass team workout and then hangout and have some food and drinks?  I would like to provide a good seasonal beer for post WOD drankin if you guys would like to bring some food pot-luck style.  This would be a fun way to kick off the fall season and break in this new season!!  Oh, and of course costumes are welcomed!!!


Power Snatch for 3’s.  This is just like Weds, perfect form over weight.


AMRAP in 10 minutes

3 Muscle ups

8 Shoulder to overhead (135,95)

10 OHS (135, 95)



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It’s a new season. Let’s go!!


Seasons are inevitable. Whether or not the weather indicates what it “should” feel like, fall is here. Fall is an exciting season, it indicates the start of the Holidays. This is the most imperative time to get in check with your health and fitness. It’s time to demand more. It’s time to become great! We have one question for you. What drives you? Whatever the answer, all we ask is that you demand more for yourself. Let us know how we can help lay your foundation to help you achieve more. Our hope is that we become a community that does not settle, but pushes the envelope to become great. Who’s on board?


1RM Deadlift


21, 15 and 9

Snatch (95, 65)

Chest to bar pull-ups

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The struggle is real


Couple things:

1.  New shirts, tanks and hoodies will be in Thursday and ready for you.

2.  Remember that we are still collecting bottled water.  The box is in the pro-shop if you’d like to donate.

3.  Kinetic Bootcamp is having bring a friend days starting Nov 3rd, 5th, 7th and 8th.  All classes are available for you and your friends who are interested in Kinetic Bootcamp.



Push Press 1RM


Power Clean from the ground at about 75%.  * I want to see some moderately heavy 3’s with PERFECT form.  Put together all the new things you’ve learned and take out the bad habits.  They don’t have to be touch and go.

Every 30 seconds for 6 minutes perform 2 power cleans **PERFECT movement.

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4 Rounds for time

20 Pull-ups

20 Box Jumps

20 Toes to bar

20 Air Squats

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Maxing out


This week we will be testing our 1RM’s for the Deadlift, Squat and presses.  DO NOT expect enourmous gains as we have only done essentially 2 weeks of 5’s and 3’s.  This week we are also going to be moving from the ground as far as the OLY lifts are concerned.  Now, as the range of motion goes up (from the ground to the shoulders) the reps will go down (2’s, 1’s) and the weights go up (-75%).  As these weights go up I (and the weight of the barbell) will demand you to be moving under the barbell.  Power cleans and snatches have their place but, there is no place for them when working at heavy weights.  As the weeks go on full movement will be the standard.


Back Squat 1Rm


125 KB swings (70,53) EMOM do 5 burpees

*complete 100 banded good mornings before you leave the gym.

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10am:  Jerk work


5 Rounds

Run 1 lap

15 Deadlifts (135, 95)

15 Shoulder to overhead (135,95)


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Team time


This has never been done before, or at least never tried.  Hopefully we can pull off a co-ed team and see how it goes.


Teams of 4.  Must be 2 girls and 2 guys

15 minutes to first Establish a 1 RM overhead squat


*Follow the leader style..

30 Wall balls

30 pull-ups

30 alternating pistols

30 alternating 1 arm KB/DB snatches (53, 35)

Finish with. ..135 pound barbell carry once around the track.  The carry must be coed at all times

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