4 rounds for time:

21 wall balls

18 pull ups

15 kettlebell swings


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Welcome Meagan to the Team

I’d like to welcome our new coach to the team and community.  Meagan will be a great addition to the team as she has A LOT of coaching experience as you can see below.  When you see her give her a warm welcome to CFW!!

I was first introduced to CrossFit while I was training for the Marine Corps Marathon in 2007. Due to a previous influence in 2006′s marathon, I wanted to ensure that I would be strong both mentally and physically during 2007′s run, so I hired a personal trainer at my local Gold’s Gym in Alexandria. On top of my normal marathon training, CrossFit workouts began to be incorporated into my daily routines with my trainer and very quickly I was hooked on the shorter yet brutal (and incredibly effective) workouts. Having been an athlete all of my life (danced competitively throughout elementary and middle school, played lacrosse, field hockey, basketball, swam for the swim team in high school, and then played lacrosse and rugby in college), I’ve always been in shape in way or another, yet CrossFit took it to whole new level

CrossFit Alexandria opened in the summer of 2007 and I joined as a founding member and soon began coaching once I received my CrossFit certification. I continued as a coach with CrossFit Alexandria until the winter of 2010.  After I left CrossFit Alexandria, I began coaching for and training at Capital CrossFit (Capital MMA and Elite Fitness), through 2012. I was approached to coach at Mount Vernon CrossFit before I left Capital and I decided to get on board there.  Due to my work’s proximity to CFW, I decided to check it out as well, happily splitting my time in both places.  I now get to experience as much of this amazing CrossFit community as possible!

Due in part to the fact that I simply cannot escape educating people whether it be high school students in the classroom or adults in the gym, I have found that CrossFit fulfills my need not only to teach people about the methodology of CrossFit, but its lifestyle as well. Since entering the CrossFit community, everything from my mental toughness down to my eating habits have changed for the better. I am a firm believer that CrossFit is not simply for the hardened warrior and/or elite athlete but for the average “Joe” walking down the street. It is not only highly scalable and adaptive to any environment, it is incredibly effective in getting you in the best shape of your life, which is why I continue to CrossFit and will do so into the future.

  • High School History & Sociology Teacher
  • CrossFitter since 2007
  • CrossFit coach since 2008
  • CF Level 1
  • CF Level 2 Attendee
  • CF Endurance
  • CF Gymnastics attendee with Jeff Tucker
  • USAW Sports Performance Coach
  • Adaptive Athlete Coach
  • Reiki I Practitioner
  • Pole Pressure Dance & Stretch Instructor
  • CPR/AED Certified
  • Former Head High School Girls’ Lacrosse Coach
  • Strength Winner, 2009 BWI Hopper Challenge
  • Team SuperFit Richmond Competitor 2012
  • Capital Games 2012 Competitor
  • CrossFit Open 2012, 2013, 2014 Competitor


Back Squat 5Rm

Weighted Pull-up 5RM

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4 Rounds

10 Clean and Jerks (155, 105)

10 Box Jumps (36, 32)

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Bench Press 10rm


3 rounds

Run 1 lap

8 bar muscle ups

15 OHS (95,65)

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80 calorie row

40 shoulder to overhead (155,105)

80 deadlifts (155,105)


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Partner chipper



teams of two:

50 OHS (95,65)

60 toes to bar

8 rope climbs

30 deadlifts (275,185)

6 rope climbs

20 muscle ups/40 CTB pull-ups

4 rope climbs

10 clean and jerks (225,185)

run 400

* one person works at a time

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1RM Thruster




kettlebell swings

Every 90 seconds 5 burpees

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1 hang clean+ 1 power clean+ 1 jerk as heavy as possible


2 rounds for time:

run to track

25 deadlifts (225,155)

30 push-ups

20 box jumps

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Overhead squat 3rm


4 rounds

25 KB swings

25 Wall balls

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21,15 and 9

Deadlift (225,155)


rest 5 min

max distance row in 4 minutes

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