Dan Broughton

Friday, November 29th

No 5am or 6am classes; schedule resumes as usual starting with 9:30am Strength: Bench Press 6×3No more than 60s Rest between working sets WOD: “Boulder Shoulders”5RFT – 16 min cap30 DU/90SU 15 Push Press 95/6515 Push Ups

Saturday, November 23rd

Partner WOD: Teams of 2:8 Rounds (4 Rounds of running and lifting per partner)400m Sprint AMRAP Thrusters 45/35400m SprintAMRAP KBS 53/35400m SprintAMRAP Wall Balls 20/14400m SprintBox Jumps 24″/20″ One partner starts on run, the second partner will AMRAP thrusters, then… Read more »

Friday, November 22nd

Strength: Tempo + Speed Front Squats4 sets of 2 tempo (3 sec negative 2 sec pause) followed immediately by 4 explosive reps with good form. WOD: AMRAP 124 Man-Makers 35/208 TTB12 DB Box Step Overs 35/20 – 24″/20″

Thursday, November 21st

Strength: Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts with KB4×6 w/ 3 second negative WOD: 4 Rounds with 60s rest25 Dual KB Deadlifts 44/2650′ Front Rack Lunges w/ KBs 44/26100′ Dual KB Overhead Carry150′ Dual KB farmer carry