Dan Broughton

Saturday, December 7th

PARTNER WOD: Teams of 3:6 Rounds (24 minutes)60 seconds max burpee box jump overs60 seconds max Ground-to-Overhead 115/7560 seconds max cal row60s Rest Teams rotate through the movements so that all 3 complete movements the first 3 minutes, then rest… Read more »

Friday, December 6th

WOD: “Filthy Fifty”50 Box Jumps 24/2050 Jumping Pull Ups50 KBS 53/3550 Walking Lunges50 Knees-to-Elbows50 Push Press 45/3550 BB Goodmornings 45/3550 Wall Balls 20/1450 Burpees50 Double-unders/150 Single Unders

Tuesday, December 3rd

Skill: Pistol SquatSpend ~15 minutes working on pistol skill drillsFor athletes that have pistols, work on pause pistols and comfort at the bottom not bouncing out. Add weight if advanced. WOD: For time w/ 16 min cap15 HSPU25 Pistols (alternating)35… Read more »