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Errrybody knows Tony T.C Combs.  He’s the dad of the cutest kid in the world, Wes.  Dude goes hard in the paint every time he’s here.  He’s also come a long way.  Tony is in his fourth year at CFW and has been a part of almost every event, challenge and seminar.  Although I’m not convinced he says he drives a desk for a job but I’m pretty sire he’s a spy.  He just has that look, you know? That “I’m a spy, bro” look.  Track this dude down if you want a great partner and want to go HAM.


Press 3RM



100 Pull-ups

100 Push-ups

100 Sit-ups

100 Squats

**If you are a new athlete (with-in 3 months) please ask a coach how to scale this workout.  For you it is able to be broken up into sets, numbers scaled or bands added.


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Important day


How important is today in your fitness?  Could go both ways actually.  There aren’t many times I will tell you to take a rest day but, if you’re new sometimes you don’t know to do that at all.  Most weeks of programming there is a day or two days that have just strength or a strength and some core work.  Basically, a day that isn’t a crushing workout.  These days are built in for well, strength first of all but, also recovery.  You can attend these days for the strength and the recovery or you can take these days as rest days.  Either way, the point being that you NEED to average in a rest day in your week of training.  If you’re new then you can average in more than one.  These days allow you to recharge for the next raining day.  More fitness is not better fitness.


Front Squat

3x3x3x3x3 @ 85% of 1Rm

Bench Press


Finish with 100 Banded pull-aparts

3×15 Rear deltoid seated dumbbell fly

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Stay away from moving the SDHP with your arms!  It is a typical core to extremity movement which means the power begins with pushing off the ground and moving the bar to it’s destination with the hips and legs. Focus on this!



3x3x3x3x3 @ 85% of 1RM



SDHP (75/55)

Ring Dips


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The most interesting man in the world


Howie frequents the 6am most of the time but you may find him in an random evening class and most definitely on Saturday and Sunday.  Howie has a great life story.  He’s been into a lot of things that have made him the man he is today.  He also has one of the best attitudes and outlooks on life.  He does stay fit for himself but, just like everything else he does he stays fit to set the example for his family and people that are drawn to follow him.  If you think you can beat him to an introduction do so, it may be the best five or ten minutes you spend that day.


For 20 minutes

As a cluster.

1 Power clean, 1 Hang Squat clean and 1 Jerk.  As heavy as possible to complete all three


21, 15 and 9

Power Cleans (135, 95)

Bar facing burpees

Finish the day with 100 seated banded hamstring curls and GM’s


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Core tension under load…any load


Had a great conversation today with an athlete who has openly admitted to not caring about weight or intensity but more with form and making 100% sure he’s doing it right.  It’s super refreshing to hear on my part but.  One of the points we were making together was the ability to keep tension in the mid-line under ANY load.  A “load” can be a barbell, a wall ball, a log, a kettlebell, a car…any external object you are trying to move. We forget that we need to keep just as tight and engaged with these things for us to be as strong as we need to be.  Not just barbell work needs core tension, EVERYTHING.  I think I’ve put this challenge out there before but, try and keep around 70% tension in your abs throughout the day and see the difference in posture and the way you move things and yourself around the day.


Back Squat 3x3x3x3x3 @ 85% of 1RM


100 Double Unders

3 Rounds

5 Push Press AHAP

10 Toes to bar

Rest 2 minutes

1 Minute max effort Push-ups

*Finish with 3 rounds of 15 dumbbell rollbacks before you leave

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Sunday funday


The man is mad at the rower.


10am Skill:

Jerks.  Footwork, fast elbows etc


“Fight Gone Bad”

3 rounds of 5 exercises for 1 minute each.  Do not rest between exercises but rest between rounds

Row for calories

SDHP (75,55)


Box Jumps

Push press (75,55)

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Teams of two

With a 20 minute clock to work up to a team max snatch *each person must be able to snatch the weight before moving up

at the 2 minute warming break your bar down to 85% of the max

3,2, 1 Go

AMRAP in 15

Partner 1 Runs to track

Partner B performs 3 Snatches and finishes with max ring dips until partner 1 comes back


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Row your boat



4 Rounds for total time, rest as needed between rounds

Max effort 500m row

Following final row take 10 minutes to establish a 1RM Jerk (front or back rack aloud)

*Yes, your shoulders are tired from this week and you’re thinking “Jerks?”.  Yes, although your shoulders may be tired they are almost the last thing being used in the jerk.  No press outs!!!


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Congrats to Mike D


Congratulations to Mike During for making it to the highest level of rep counter possible (level 6).  He has worked so hard over the months to reach his goal and he’s finally done it.  As you can see above he has developed the flexibility, strength and mental awareness to deliver the finest “no-rep” possible.  Mike, as you move on to the elite levels I wish you luck and always strive to get better.


Deadlift 5×5 at 76%

5 Rounds not for time

5 Weighted pull-ups (AHAP)

10 Deficit Handstand Push-ups

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Our very own Camille LeBlanc Bazinet has been getting super strong and creeping up on being in the company of the best athletes in the gym!  Little LiLi has been working hard, getting after the strength days and really proving she is a good CrossFitter.  Keep up the great work LiAnn!!


Push Press

5×5 at 76% of 1Rm



Hang Power Cleans (95,65)



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