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Oh Christmas tree


Hey there is going to be a Christmas Tree at the gym on Sunday.  If you would like, bring an ornament to throw on that bad boy!  You know the deal though, if it’s broken or it disappears, be ok with it.

Also, Sunday will be open gym but I’ll be working on muscle ups for anyone who wants to learn some technique or finally get up over those ringy dings.


Running Diane with a partner

150 deadlifts (185, 135) 100 handstand push-ups

Partner A runs 1 lap

Partner B starts on deadlifts and Handstand push-ups

*whatever partner is not running and is doing work can only do 10 reps of any given movement before moving back to the other movement.  For example, 3,2,1 go Partner A runs and Partner B starts on deadlifts.  Partner B can only do 10 DL’s before he/she has to go to HSPU’s and can only do 10 HSPU’s until he/she must return to DL’s.


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Black friday


Black Friday Schedule is 9/10am only.


10 min EMOM

3 front squat at 65% 1rm


3x 1000 m row

rest 3 minutes between

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Tomorrow’s schedule is 9/10am and 3:30 and 4:30 only


2 sec Pause Back Squat

5×3@65% of 1 RM



Wall balls

SDHP (75,55)

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3rm Push Press


3 rounds for time

75 double unders

15 ring dips

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Holiday Hours


Check out the calendar on the white board for the holiday schedule.  We will have limited hours Weds Thurs and Fri.

Also, seeing that we are going to have a big party on January 9th for our fundraiser/casino night the Christmas party will be a small pot luck at the gym.  We’re going to do this on Saturday, December 12th from 6-10pm.  Bring something to share as well as your holiday cheer!


3 RM Bench Press


3 rounds of

2 min squats w/DB

2 min KB swing

2 min lunges

1 min rest

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teams of three

3 rounds

75 shoulder to overhead (115,75)

50 power snatches (same)

25 pull-ups

brsak the work as the team sees fit.  *one person must hold the plank at all times

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Save the Date


Save the Date:

CFW is hosting a Casino Night! Mark your calendars now for Saturday, January 9. This fundraising event will be a wonderful time of community and fun. Pick up your ‘save the date’ magnet at the gym!

All In for Heroes and Homeless

We are hosting a very exciting event in January. Please save the date now for January 9, 2016.

This semi-formal event will not only be a great time with our own CFW community, but will be an opportunity for us to give back to our larger community, as well. The Vegas-style casino night will be a fundraiser for two organizations helping local heroes and our homeless neighbors.

The Reel American Heroes Foundation ( is a 100% volunteer nonprofit, based in Woodbridge. The organization works with VA hospitals and military bases to provide recreational therapy to our nation’s wounded service people.

Helping Neighbors in Need ( is also based in Woodbridge, helping our local homeless population. They service both new and chronically homeless veterans and civilians, providing emergency food and shelter, housing and utility assistance, financial counseling and assistance with insurance and VA benefits, a job resource center, and transportation services. They are 100% volunteer staffed. (Please go like them on Facebook!)

We’ll soon be sending out information on reserving tickets. In the meantime, mark your calendar, get a sitter and start practicing your roulette spin or your blackjack rules!


3 RM hang clean



Box Jump


toes to bar

(1 box jump, 10 TTB, 2 box jump, 9 TTB etc.)

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10 min EMOM

3 strict press @ 70% med/heavy


15 min AMRAP

400 m row/run

20 jumping lunges

10 ring row


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Programming.  Some people had questions about the programming after seeing the 3rm deadlift again after 12 days.  You are in a strength cycle so expect to see it again next week.  The point of this strength cycle is, well to get stronger but, specifically adding 5 pounds (hopefully) to our lifts as we make our way through.  Hope this clears some things up.  I saw a lot of PR’s on the white board after the 3rm deadlift so keep that up.


2 sec Pause Back Squat *unlike the speed squats last week when we caught the bounce, pause below the knee and stand after 2 seconds

6×3 @60% of 1 RM



Push Press




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3 Front Squat

10 Minutes EMOM

*use 70% of your 1Rm for this strength piece


5 x 500 m row

rest 2 minutes between sets

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