Dan Broughton

Friday, March 27th

1 RM Front Squat (if available) If not- 4×20 jumping squats (hold an odd object to make it more challenging!) *Quarantine WOD: AMRAP 4 minutes 5 push ups 10 Mountain Climbers 15 squats MAX burpees rest 2 minutes then repeat… Read more »

Wednesday, March 25th

1 RM Push Jerk (if available) If not- 4 sets of 15-20 reps odd object press (each arm) Use anything you can find! *Quarantine WOD: 4 RFT 10 lunges 12 squats 14 sit ups *Every minute complete 3 burpees

Sunday, March 22nd

HERO WOD: Rene 7RFT 400m run 21 Walking Lunges 15 Pull Ups 9 Burpees (Wear a vest) *Quarantine WOD: Modified Rene 7RFT 400 m run 21 walking lunges 15 Shoulder Taps in plank 9 burpees