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OLY registration open



Olympic Lifting is now active and able to be registered.  You can click below to find your options for the classes and purchase your spot.  We have 12 spots for each of the classes on Tuesday and Thursday.  That’s 12 spots per hour only.  We won’t be taking anymore people after classes are full to keep a good lifter to coach ratio.




Snatch 1RM

4 Rounds

Run to track

10 Shoulder to over head (135, 95)


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I’m having issues getting the link to post for the OLY seminar starting April 28th.  If you’d like to reserve your spot e-mail with the time you’d like.  6am, 9am or 6pm.  Link will be up ASAP.


Clean 1Rm


AMRAP in 12

8 SDHP (95,65)

12 Box Jumps

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Olympic Lifting start-up



Learn how to lift and make this face as well.

Olympic Lifting Level I and II is now open for registration….April 28th-June 25th every Tuesday and Thursday at 6am, 9:30am and 6pm.

Olympic weightlifting is unique in that it requires an extraordinary amount of coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, accuracy, agility, and power production. There are no other movements that demand such symmetry of physical attributes. The advantages of proficiency in the two Olympic Lifts stretch far beyond the lifts themselves. .

TECHNIQUE TECHNIQUE TECHNIQUE!!!  Our Olympic Lifting Level one seminar is all about technique!!  What you can expect is to UNLEARN some of the bad habit you’ve developed in the past.  There are many small intricacies that are involved in making a good snatch or clean and jerk better and we’re going to bring these out to make sure you’re doing the right thing.  This 8 week course will focus on weight, you will lift weight and get stronger.  What this course will bring is an intensive look at your technique and bettering it so you can attack those heavier weights in the future.  If you want to move better, learn the right ways to develop strength and make yourself better then, this course comes highly recommended!!

Level I is $95.  Classes will be Tues and Thurs at 6am, 9:30am or 6pm.  6am class will need 3 people for it to go.

Level II:  Level II OLY lifting is going to be offered to 10 lifters that have completed the level I Olympic Lifting course.  We have your technique dialed in.  We can take that technique and start moving towards heavier weights and more developed and intricate programming.  10 Lifters are going to be taken for this course.  E-mail, phone and video correspondence with coach will be available for these level II athletes as well.
Level II is $143 for 8 weeks

A typical 90 minute class will include a general warm up, a skill specific warm up, a main lift, an accessory lift, a strength building exercise, core work, and flexibility training.


2 Rounds

Run 400

30 Alt KB snatches

run 400

30 alt KB clean and press

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This will be the culmination of all the hard work through this strength cycle. There should be lots of big number PR’s, and I’m excited to see how everyone does. Let’s go crush some weight.

1RM Back Squat


3 Rounds

50 Double Unders

25 Push-Ups

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Congrats to all our CFW games competitors as they completed their last Open workout Saturday with a bang!  Five weeks of grueling workouts is what they faced but, we had a great time and got through the workouts together.  Congrats again to everyone who came out to compete and support.  Special thanks to Coach Steve and the lovely Bonnie Carter for volunteering their time to make this a great event.





5 rounds

3 minute blocks

Every 3 minutes complete the following:

12 Calorie row

10 wall balls

6 DB snatches an arm

rest until the next three minute block




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Open WOD 15.5

YouTube Preview Image

This is our last Open workout of the season so come in and have some fun with our competitors! We are also having our one day event on April 18th.  This will be the follow-on to the open season with a 3 workout day to crown the fittest in the gym.  Mark your calendars for this, it was a great time last year!!


27-21-15-9 reps for time of:
Row (calories)

M 95 lb.  F 65 lb



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Homeless help


Please join us on Saturday, April 11th, as we do a CFW service project!

Our homeless neighbors obviously don’t have trash service and so their camps can get pretty bad. Before the summer comes and they begin to have problems with rats and other critters, we’d like to help clean up their camps. We’ve secured two dumpsters from the county and will be meeting up at 11am (again Saturday, 4/11) behind Bungalow Ale House (2840 Prince William Parkway).

Just show up, we’ll have bags and will show you where to go.

Any questions can be directed to Jenn Voss. Thanks in advance!


A) 4 x max effort chest to bar pull-ups 90 sec rest

B) 3 Rounds for time

12 Push press (115, 75)

12 Box Jumps

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4 Rounds

Row 500 max effort

5 heavy clean to thruster

Rest 90 seconds between rounds


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Back Squat 5×5 at 70% of last weeks 2Rm


4 rounds

30 KB swings

20 Burpees

rest 1 minute between rounds

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5 Rounds

Run 1 lap

15 OHS (95,65)

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