Dan Broughton

Wednesday, October 16th

Strength: Elevator Front Squats 4×3 (1 Second pause at 1/4, parallel, bottom, parallel, 1/4, and top of each squat.) WOD: AMRAP 1210 DB Snatch Right Arm 50/35lb20 Goblet Squats 53/35lb10 DB Snatch Left Arm 50/35lb5 Strict HSPUs

Tuesday, October 15th

Strength: Bench Press 5×3 at 33X1 tempo (3 sec negative, 3 sec pause bottom, explode up, 1 sec pause top) WOD: Inverse Pacing Work3 Rounds250m row12 Burpee over rowerRest 30s12 Burpee over rowerRow 250mRest 2 min

Monday, October 14th

Skill: Pistol Squat progressions For those with Pistols goal is to complete progressions without shoes (work on ankle mobility and stability) WOD: For Time (cap 15 min) 10 Deadlifts 135/95 10 Wall Balls 10 Deadlifts 185/135 10 Wall Balls 10… Read more »

Friday, October 11th

Open 20.1 10 rounds for time: 8 ground to overhead (95/65) 10 bar facing burpees *15 minute time cap Friday Night Lights starts tonight! No 5pm or 6pm classes. Heats will be first come, first serve. Workout overview will begin… Read more »