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Dan Broughton

Over the past twenty years, Dan has been a resident of Woodbridge and active in the sports community. After commissioning in the Army as well as two deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Dan is getting back to his previous passion in life.  Fitness and sports has always been a huge part of his life and now CrossFit has afforded him the opportunity to help others in their athletic endeavors.  CrossFit is for everyone and he is brought it to Woodbridge!! He is currently trained, qualified and moreover, excited to teach you the skills and movements to get you moving in the right direction. It’s not the certification that makes a coach, it’s the passion and drive to make YOU successful.




Nick Mann

Head Coach

Nick found CrossFit as an active duty Marine and never looked back.  Moving from base gyms around the world to a garage gym and now to CFW he has never stopped wanting to learn more about athletic performance and making other individuals better.  Nick has a passion for seeing people set and reach their goals no matter age or current physical condition.


  • Bring a strength and conditioning program for high school athletes to CFW.
  • CrossFit Woodbridge Barbell Club
  • Continue to grow Capital Affiliate League so everyone can experience the excitement of CrossFit competition.

Favorite WOD:

  • Karen or Grace

Favorite Movement:

  • Split Snatch


  • Mobility



  • 2013 CrossFit Games Mid-Atlnatic Regional Team 5th Place
  • 2012 Mid-Atlantic Hopper Team Champion
  • Captain, United States Marine Corps Reserve
  • Owner, Capital Affiliate League
  • B.S. Political Science, Berry College

Lloyd Edwards

Back in 2005, if you stopped by Lloyd’s firehouse and asked him if he thought he was fit, he would have confidently told you “Yes!” while finishing up his last set of bicep curls. So, when he first tried CrossFit back then, it’s no surprise that his ego was easily crushed.

Lloyd’s obsession with CrossFit wouldn’t begin until a few years later in 2011 when he finally decides to step into CrossFit Woodbridge. Humbled, Lloyd took to functional fitness immediately and quickly phased out the isolation movements and random cardio sessions he had been doing his entire life.

Lloyd literally dwells on CrossFit every single day and dreams about CrossFit every night. His obsession for proper form and efficient movement coupled with his good-nature attitude and genuine desire to help people makes Lloyd a stellar Coach.

Strengths: Moving a barbell (except anything with “Dead” in it’s name)

Weaknesses: Running WODs. HSPU. WODs over 2 minutes.

Fun Facts:

  • Lloyd has never had a cup of coffee.
  • Lloyd hates practically every vegetable (makes Paleo real tough).
  • Lloyd is a sprinter but doesn’t like to run. He also loves to do Cleans but wouldn’t care if he ever did another deadlift for the rest of his life.
  • Lloyd does not know how to do the Electric Slide




Sara Wood

Sara found CrossFit as an active duty Marine while stationed at Camp Lejuene, NC.  After competing in College Athletics, Sara moved from bodybuilding, to powerlifting to running road races.  After discovering Crossfit she has never looked back and is dedicated to helping other achieve their fitness and health goals.


  • Bring gymnastics and mobility programs to CFW.
  • Become certified in CrossFit Gymnastics, Olympic Lifting, and Power Lifting.

Favorite WOD:

  • Diane or Fran or anything with running

Favorite Movement:

  • Handstand push ups or pull ups


  • Muscle ups and Olympic Lifting



  • 2012 Mid-Atlantic Hopper Team Champion
  • King of the Beef Individual Female Champion
  • 2013 Crossfit Games Regional Individual and Team Qualifier
  • Captain, United States Marine Corps

Lauren McGowan

Lauren found CrossFit through a recommendation from her sister, Amy. She joined CFW in 2011 and immediately fell in love. The passion she has developed for the sport is greater than she could have ever imagined. She played soccer all through her childhood and into college, but the seemingly insurmountable passion she had for soccer was no match for the sport of fitness.

Lauren worked as a Pool Operator for 6 years before being hired as a coach at CFW. She then helped CFW introduce Kinetic Bootcamp to the community and became the head coach of the program in April 2013. Seeing progress and improvements in her athletes gives her an incomparable feeling of accomplishment.

Favorite WOD:

  • Isabel

Favorite Movement:

  • Squat Snatch


  • Handstand walks and double unders


  • Qualify for The CrossFit Games in the next 3 years


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Strongman Certified
  • CrossFit Gymnastics Certified
  • Ellis & Associates CPR/First Aid/Lifesaving/AED Certified


  • 2012 Capital Affiliate League Team Finalist (2nd place)
  • 2012 Mid-Atlantic Hopper Team Champion
  • 2013 Capital Affiliate League Team Finalist (2nd place)
  • 2013 CrossFit Games Mid-Atlantic Regional Qualifier (10th place team, 29th place individual)
  • Student at George Mason University (Class of 2014)

Eve Voltaire

In the world of fitness, there isn’t much Eve has not accomplished. Since a young age, Eve has displayed her athletic prowess at a multitude of sports: softball, track and field, volleyball, and even wrestling. She would go on to wrestle for a qualification to the Olympic Trials and play volleyball in college on a scholarship.

During her adult life, Eve dabbled in everything fitness related from triathlons to amateur bodybuilding.

Eve’s lifelong passion for fitness inspired her to pursue a career as a Personal Trainer and Aerobics Instructor. Her education and experience enabled her to work and develop programs for seniors, obese children and athletes.

It would not take long before Eve would stumble onto CrossFit. Seeking a change in her normal routine, she would try a WOD at CrossFit Woodbridge. Eve soon realized CrossFit was far superior to any fitness program she has ever tried. Eve’s loves for fitness also lead her to start a Crossfit Kids program at CFW.  Eve is the head of our CrossFit Kids Program that officially kicked off in the summer of 2012. Eve really enjoys working with the kids and having a blast exposing them to CrossFit watching them excel as their strength, character, and overall love for health and fitness.

Eve is a great teammate and enthusiastic supporter of everyone in the gym.With an outgoing personality and a winning smile, Eve will make anyone feel like they can do anything. Eve is also passionate about helping the other women at CFW to exceed their own performance expectations and lift heavy weights while building their confidence, strength, and having lots of fun.

Favorite WOD:

  • Annie


  • Anything Cardio (working on my engine)


  • To qualify for the 2014 USA Weightlifting National Championship



Wendy 2

Wendy Warren

Even though Wendy has been a personal trainer for 10 years, it wasn’t until October of 2012 that she found CrossFit.  She tried CrossFit as a way to gain strength back after years of long distance running had taken its toll.  She was instantly hooked on the intensity, yet functionality of CrossFit.  Wendy gave up long distance running and has never looked back.

After graduating from George Mason University with a B.S. in Athletic Training, she started working as a personal trainer for the Marine Corps.  During her 3 years there, she assisted in implementing a new functional fitness program for the Marines (High Intensity Tactical Training).  This program puts more of an emphasis on functional fitness in the fitness regimens of the military, assisting them in staying healthy and fit in combat situations.  Through this she learned the value of functional movements.

Now, Wendy has one more year of graduate school, earning her Masters in Kinesiology.

Goals: To show people that anyone can do CrossFit, no matter what your age and fitness level.  Functional fitness suits everyone.

Favorite movements: pull-ups, clean and jerks, double unders.

Least favorite movements: thrusters, ring dips


CrossFit Level 1 Certification

CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through NSCA)

USAW-1 Olympic Lifting Sports Performance Certified Coach

TSAC (Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator through NSCA)




Jason Crawford

Upon the urging of college friends, Jason made the leap of trying CrossFit by joining CFW in February 2011. Within just a few short months, he experienced a 40 pound weight loss, gained substantial strength, and a desire to become even stronger. He then began studying various strength training methods from any sources he could find, including: Mark Rippetoe (Starting Strength), Louie Simmons (Westside Barbell) and Dave Tate (Elite FTS) to further his passion to train and to coach others.

 Goals at CFW:

  •  Continue to grow fundamental strength programs at CFW

 Favorite WOD:

  •  Grace or Randy

 Favorite Movement:

  •  Back Squat


  •  Mobility


  • Starting Strength Level II w/ Mark Rippetoe
  • CrossFit Powerlifting

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