Athlete Profile: Nāpualokelani Kamakele


What can you say about Napua…she loves all things Hawaii, Steelers Football and #powerliftingwithnick!  Napua comes in every day to work hard, attack her weaknesses and become better.  She is passionate about her fitness, passionate about strength and a joy and inspiration to have in class.  Napua keep lifting heavy and chasing more strength!  Check out her Athlete Profile below:


Name: Napualokelani (Napua or Pua)
Age: 37
Why did you choose to do the Powerlifting Seminar?
I liked the way lifting weights made me feel as an active teenager and having not lifted on a regular basis for many years, I wanted to revisit it and get stronger.
What were 3 of your goals when starting powerlifting?
Gain strength, build muscle & find a new program that would enhance my overall fitness goals.
Have you achieved those goals?
What type of body composition changes have you seen since starting powerlifting with CrossFit?
Although I’m not as lean as I’d like to be YET, I have seen great changes in the definition of my upper arms & thighs the most. And my ass is sitting higher & tighter than it ever has in my life!
What are your goals for the future in fitness, CrossFit and powerlifting?
My goals for powerlifting are to get stronger, build endurance, build more muscle and perhaps compete in powerlifting events locally. I’d also be interested in encouraging women to powerlift and articulate the benefits.
My main goal for CrossFit, specifically over the next year, are to attack my weaknesses, which usually involve bodyweight skills and drop weight via a combination of powerlifting and high intensity interval training (met cons).
Anything else you want to add:
Big Mahalo to Coach Nick for his guidance, encouragement & programming. I may have complained about certain accessory work while doing them, but trust me, it came from a place of love as I am a believer in the program. Westside Barbell’s methods are proven and #powerliftingwithnick = GAINS! It would be highly inappropriate if I didn’t also acknowledge my fellow power athletes who are all sources of inspiration to me in their own right. Keep on lifting heavy shit!!

Today: 08/22/14

5×3 Deadlift


3 Rounds for time:

Run 400m

15 Sumo DL (185/125)

15 Toes to Bar

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2 Responses to Athlete Profile: Nāpualokelani Kamakele

  1. Chuck says:

    PASSIONATE definitely is the best word that can describe Napua! I am glad and honored to have her as a friend and as a Hawaiian sistah. We are proud members of CFW as well as the Powerlifting Ohana!

  2. Pua says:

    Ditto, Chuck!
    Thanks Nick for the write up & thanks to Mariam for telling me it was posted!
    Lift heavy shit!!!

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