Athlete Profile: Chuck McCoy


Some of you may know Chuck McCoy and some of you may not.  He is the easily recognizable and handsome man that walks in the gym with muscles bulging out of his shirt ready to attack whatever challenge we may throw at him.  But, what I truly hope that many of you get to know about Chuck is his booming personality and ability to light up any room and take any athlete to the next level through his excitement and encouragement.  Chuck has already made some great progress through CrossFit and our Powerlifting Seminar and I know he has many more accomplishments to come.  Chuck, you sir are a joy to Coach! -Nick

Below is a brief write up from Chuck about his experiences with CrossFit and Powerlifting:

Name:  Chuck McCoy

Age:  49

Why did you choose to do the Powerlifting Seminar?
The best way for me to explain why I chose to participate in the Powerlifting Seminar is that, I wanted to bring my training intensity to the next level and to truly begin to train with purpose. The Powerlifting Seminar incorporates the Conjugate method, which simply put;
Focuses on combining the speed (Dynamic Effort) and Max effort days in which 5 elements of strength are trained:
Absolute Strength

What were 3 of your goals when starting powerlifting?
Lose weight, gain strength and strengthen core

Have you achieved those goals?
Though I have quite a distance to travel on this journey…. “HELL YEAH!”

What type of body composition changes have you seen since starting powerlifting with CrossFit?
To date; I have lost 46 pounds, gone down 2 pant size and believe it or not my shoe size has gone down 1/2 a size

What are your goals for the future in fitness, CrossFit and powerlifting?
CROSSFIT-  To become a more conditioned athlete. Also to begin exploring the possibility of training for and competing within the Capital Affiliate League in the future. I also will be pursuing opportunities to become Level 1 Certified as a Crossfit Trainer.
POWERLIFTING- To continue training, hit personal goals and then ultimately obtaining my Crossfit certification in powerlifting, football and mobility.

Any additional Information:
On a personal note, one of the best decisions that I have made is joining Crossfit Woodbridge as well as participating in the Conjugate Powerlifting program. You see, unless you become part of it, it’s tough to understand. Simply put, Crossfit Woodbridge and the Conjugate Powerlifting Program has become an extension of my family. So much so, that my wife and children will be joining in the near future.

Today: 08/19/14

60 Med Ball Sit Ups

50 Wall Balls

40 Med Ball Cleans

30 Med Ball OH Walking Lunges

20 Med Ball Push Ups (both hands on ball)


Tricep/Rear Delt Accessory Work

3×20 DB Roll Back Extensions

100 Band Face Pulls

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4 Responses to Athlete Profile: Chuck McCoy

  1. Jenn V. says:

    Great read. Love the athlete profiles. Do more! 🙂

  2. Candace Fraser says:

    Great job Chuck! I loved reading this : )

  3. Dan says:

    Proud of you chuck. You brighten the entire gym as soon as you walk in, man.

  4. Aubrey says:

    Chuck is just awesome. He definitely brightens up the gym and always motivates me!

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