Powerlifting Seminar Recap


Over the past 7 weeks Jason and I had the pleasure of coaching some amazing athletes through our powerlifitng seminar.  The seminar was filled with some long hard sessions and amazing feats of strength and skill by all of the athletes.  We want to thank all who participated, some not shown above, for an amazing 7 weeks.  Your hard work and dedication to the program was awesome and showed on test day.  Below are some details about the success of the athletes and the winners of the Powerlifting Finals.

*Stay tuned for some of our Powerlifters fitness stories and inspiration!

Level 1 Winner: Rebecca Johnson

Wide Stance Box Squat: 240# (50# PR)

Deadlift: 300# (15# PR)

Bench Press: 135# (10# PR)

Level 2 Winner: Chuck McCoy

Wide Stance Box Squat: 405# (20#PR)

Deadlift: 465 (20#PR)

Bench Press: 375# (59# PR)

Level 1 Success:

Total PRs: 350# (Avg of 16.6# per lift)

Level 2 Success:

Total PRs: 386# (Avg of 14.2# per lift)

Today: 8/18/14

Strict Press – 5×5


AMRAP in 12 mins

Shuttle Run

5 Power Cleans (155/105)

5 Burpee Over Bar

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