Powerlifting Finals


Guys, the powerlifting finals are coming around on August 10th!  These guys is both Level I and Level II classes have been working their asses off.  With Nicks lead there will be some really good gains for all these power athletes.  I encourage everyone to come out and see what they’ve been working towards.  If you don’t know any of the people in the classes that, to me, is even more reason to come out.  Meet some people, see some cool powerlifting stuff and have a good time.


Race to 60 clean and jerks (155, 105)

While partner A runs to the track and back, Partner B cranks out as many clean and jerks as possible in that time.  When partner A returns he/she must complete 6 pistols before taking the barbell from partner B.

*The barbell has to be passed from partner to partner from the rack position.  No dropping the bar AT ALL, even between reps.  Once the clean and jerks begin the only rest is in the rack.



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