How do you compare??


As many of you know the 2014 Reebok CrossFit began on Wednesday and there was a legit 1RM Overhead Squat event that evening.  Take a look at the weights these elite athletes put up and compare yourself…anyone stack up?

CrossFit Games Leaderboard

*Also, be on the lookout for details about our next Olympic Lifting Seminar coming up in a few weeks

Today: 07/23/14

Push Press – 5×5 (as heavy as possible)


In honor of the CrossFit Games

2011 Open Workout 3

AMRAP in 5 mins

Squat Clean + Jerk (or thruster) (165/110)


Tricep Accessory Work

3 Rounds (perform rounds with perfect form and push ups immediately following DB roll back extensions)

20 Dumbbell Roll Back Extensions

15 Push Ups

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