The overhead squat! If I were to hate a movement it would be the overhead squat for sure. The overhead squat is so hard for me for a number of reasons.  One being injured wrists and the other my mobility.  I’ve learned to bring my hands in a lot to overcome the wrist injuries and take pressure off of the inside of the wrist but, the mobility and flexibility is always an issue.  Men are usually tighter in the upper back, shoulders and chest than women are and therefore have a tougher time with getting the bar in a good overhead position.  It’s especially hard for guys who are coming from a “globo-gym” background where the bench press has pulled shoulders forward and really tightened up some pectoral muscles.  Don’t be discouraged when the overhead squat comes along because it really is a great movement it’s going to be a lot of mobility work that will get you in a good position, not necessarily getting stronger.

Also, who doesn’t love Chamille?  Seriously.



5 Rounds

Run 400

15 overhead squats (95,95)


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