Austere environments


I was reminded last night as I watched a number of 6:30pm’rs run and do the WOD in that absolute downpour we had last night of a large part of what CrossFit is.  Greg Glassman founded CrossFit to be a functional fitness tool for living a healthy life.  Not just inside the gym but outside in real life.  Some of CrossFit’s programming, as you may have noticed on the main site, is built for austere environments.  The programming might include sandbag runs, hill sprints, wall up-and-overs or things that you can just do with zero equipment like run or swim in open water.  None of these activities include austere environments but, the point is that no matter where you are, Virginia or Afghanistan, you can participate in a good, functional program.

When I’m  not in the gym I like to get out for a run along a golf course I live by and grab whatever I see and use it in some way to get a workout.  I’ll grab a log and do thrusters, I’ll pick up a big ass rock over and over again for a few minutes and then continue running to find another natural tool.  It’s fun, it’s different and it does the trick.


Front Squat

3x3x3 As heavy as possible


EMOM for 10 minutes

2 Muscle ups (sub with 3 CTB pull-ups)

5 HEAVY KB swings

Immediately following finish with KB overhead walk to the track and back.

*KB remains overhead while walking.

**Corner of the track where the circle begins not right across the parking lot 😉


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One Response to Austere environments

  1. Rae says:

    Haha – I’m so glad to hear my husband is not the only one running around picking up big ass rocks and stuff to exercise. I often wonder what the people around the place must think. You guys are trendsetters. 🙂

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