10 weeks of badassery = PR’ing life



I wanted to take a second to follow up on the highs from last weeks PRs.  10 weeks of squatting towards and endstate is a long time but, I believe it’s worth it after witnessing some of the PRs people hit that week.  We also had a great amount of PRs last night when we attempted a 1RM Clean and Jerk.  The strength training DID translate to other aspects of our fitness not just the leg strength.

PR’s mean a lot.  The actual numbers and the amount on the bar is actually irrelevant when you are looking at the big picture.  Chasing a PR is important in many ways.  The work you put in personally culminates to one single moment for you to prove that you have, in fact, put the necessary work in to get better.  More importantly, PR’s don’t happen as often when you’re by yourself.  The people around you, the training partners and the voices in the background play a huge part in PR’ing.  Success isn’t gained alone, it’s your comrades standing by to catch you when you stumble and kick your ass back in to motion when you’re scared stiff that makes the dream come to fruition.  Congrats to everyone who pursued greatness, success or not.


As heavy as possible establish

20 minutes to establish a 1Rm Push Press

AMRAP in 12

12 push press (95, 65)

12 box jumps

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