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It’s always interesting to see the different dynamics of each class. I thoroughly enjoy coaching each one and appreciate the often subtle nuances that differentiate each group. I thought I’d share some of my observations of what makes each class the coolest.

6AM: The members of the 6am Class OWN the 6am class. I often appear as a visitor to THEIR domain. They almost seem to have a secret society with their own language, cultural traits, and governing bodies. They are easily the most consistent class with the same faces day in and out. There are no excuses from this bunch. They wake up early to get their fitness done before sunrise.

9:30AM: You can’t let all of the smiles and hugs from this group fool you. This class may seem especially cheerful since it’s filled predominately with caring and loving Mothers but this class is tough as nails. When the clock starts, you can cut the competitive tension in the air with a knife. This group defines the community property of CrossFit. They are a group of people brought together by their desire of fitness, supporting and pushing each other to reach their goals.

3:30PM: The youngsters typically occupy this class (and the youngsters at heart). It’s very refreshing to get new insight and interpretations of the different aspects of class. Sometimes rebellious (and sometimes plays hooky), this class keeps me on my toes and completely engaged.

4:30PM: If you want to find the leading score for the day, it’s often written under “4:30” on the whiteboard. The Firebreathers love the 4:30 class. This is not only great for themselves but they often help the beginners learn the meaning of Intensity and Virtuosity.

5:30PM: This class is often the most diverse and nothing makes the day more interesting than adding more flavor to the pot. There’s often a party atmosphere for this class. The work day is done and it’s time to do what we all “enjoy”. If you ever get the chance to workout with this bunch, be prepared to do a lot of laughing and maybe a little dancing.

6:30PM: This is the Wild Card group. Totally unpredictable. I’m never sure what to expect when I call in 6:30. Sometimes 3 people show up, sometimes 23. Sometimes the class won’t say a word. Other times, the neighbors complain about the noise. So you can never call this group “dull”.

7:30PM: If any class rivals 6AM for consistency, it’s the last class of the day. There is a certain kind of devotion you need if the last thing you do before bed is get fit. A selected few have this quality. I feel a kindred connection with this time slot because it’s the one I would frequent most when I was a member.

I strongly encourage all of you to show up at a different time than you typically do just for the experience if your schedule can accommodate it.

Post your comments of what makes your class the coolest.

This coming Saturday’s Weightlifting clinic is hosted by none other than CFW’s owner, Coach Dan. He’ll be explaining some of the subtle intricacies of the Clean & Jerk. If you’d like to participate, click on the link below. Capped at 8 people.




15 PUSH JERKS 115#/75#
15 BOX JUMPS 24″/20″
15 WALL BALLS 20#/14#

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6 Responses to Rep Your Class

  1. Robbie says:

    I <3 my box! That is all…

  2. PUA says:

    When I’m not on the Strong Side, it’s 6:30, baby! I agree that this is the Wild Card class, however, we do have a few faces that are pretty consistent. I appreciate the “push” I get from my 6:30 WODmates!

    • PUA says:

      FYI, I liked this blog post – interesting to get a Coach’s perspective of the makeup of each class.

  3. Candace Fraser says:

    Love this post!! ♡ my 9:30 class too!!! ; )

  4. Rae says:

    Love love love this post! Seeing as how I’m completely INCONSISTENT, I have visited each one of these (except those crazy 6am folks) and can vouch that it’s all entirely true. 🙂

  5. Kelly says:

    Love this post, too…I love my 9:30 peeps and the fun community feel that is present. It’s what keeps me coming back…

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