“Core” stability


When we talk about core we always think about the abs but, there is so much more that contributes to core tension or strength.  Consider the WOD below.  There are a lot of moving parts in each movement and one that is actually isometric meaning you’re holding a muscle or group of muscles tense so you can stabilize.  In the overhead walking lunge you’re definitely using your abs to stabilize but, you’re also using your shoulders and upper back as well.  You won’t be executing a good overhead walking lunge without stabilizing that weight overhead with your shoulders as well as keeping your midsection nice and tight to stabilize everything else.  So, in short, use your abs and “core” muscles but know you have to stabilize everything else that contributes to help those abs out.  Everything needs to wok together to be as effective as we want to be.


AMRAP in 12

50 overhead walking lunges with a KB (53,35) *25 steps each hand

25 Toes to bar

50 KB Snatches (25 with L, 25 with R)

25 V-ups

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