What’s Your Vehicle

Vehicle Comparison

Let’s take a look at the three vehicles above and compare them as if they were athletes.

To the far left is a dump truck. Compared to most vehicles (or athletes), they’re pretty slow. They can’t go as far as most without having to fuel up. But they can carry tons of weight and pull just about anything you attach to them. This is similar to your typical strongman athlete or football lineman. In the middle is a hybrid car. They’re characterized by their ability to keep going for long distances. Though some can get up and go, most aren’t particularly known for their top end speed and will lose they’re definitive property once you start adding weight to the equation. I would imagine this is similar to your endurance athlete — your ultra marathoner or triathlete. On the far right is your super sports car. They get off the line quickly and are hard to catch. But, they consume fuel faster than the dump truck and can’t carry a lot. Here’s your sprinter.

Our goal in CrossFit is to take the best attributes from the athletic world to create the most well rounded athletes possible. We want to increase your ability to more large weight long distances quickly.

I would love some feedback — What vehicle would best describe you as an athlete (currently) and what do you aspire to be?

This Saturday, Coach Jason will be holding a Powerlifting Clinic on the Sumo Deadlift, along with some accessory movements to help you pull the most weight off of the ground. Click the link below to sign up (Free for Gold Members, $20 for non-Gold).


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7 Responses to What’s Your Vehicle

  1. Rosalyn says:

    Here lately, I feel like a big fat dump truck; moving serious weight on the strength WODs, chugging along during the metcons. I would extremely happy & satisfied with myself if I could maintain my dump truck characteristics, yet improve my hybrid characteristics to be able to last longer during metcons. The best of both worlds…

  2. Candace Fraser says:

    I’m not a dump truck, but I am moving forward and lifting heavier! I guess I fall somewhere between the hybrid and sports car. I definitely want to improve in speed and endurance. : )

  3. Lloyd says:

    I like to think of myself as my pick up truck — I can move a little bit of weight, I can step on the gas when necessary, but I could use some work on my fuel efficiency. Of course at the moment, my frame’s a little rusted, my suspension’s squeaky, and I could use an alignment. I’d love a fresh set of tires, also.

  4. Jenn V. says:

    Haha, you’re all so cute! I feel weird characterizing myself as any of those things, but I will say that a 5K I did this past weekend gave me good perspective. I knew I could handle the running (which I never could have before crossfit), but this one had “wipeout” style obstacles. I’m not fun in that way and didn’t want to do them. But CF has uniquely prepared me in that as I came across each one that I was the first of our team to tackle each one. So I think I’m like my first car – my 84 Ford tempo – which didn’t look like much but went fast when it had to and never let me down.

  5. Chuck McCoy says:

    I use to think of myself as an old deuce and half…. However since joining the CFW family, I’ve been (slowly) transforming myself into a much more durable off road vehicle. One of the reasons why I joined CFW in the first place was that I heard it would be hard and I wanted to take my fitness to the next level. Understanding this, my goal is to become much more of a hybrid vehicle, while maintaining (and increasing) my power.
    Realistically, will I ever become a vehicle that gets great gas mileage or possibly an adrenalin machine that has great top end speed?
    Our in-house vehicle designers & mechanics may have some input on that question… Either way, “this vehicle” will continue to show up to the CFW garage!

  6. tassha says:

    I am a Honda CRV. Decent mileage, can haul a decent weight (not super heavy like a dump truck or pickup truck though), and most importantly, a great looking vehicle 😉

  7. Nina Roush says:

    I would say that I’m more like the hybrid. I would love to have a bit of all those characteristics by improving my speed and strength. I am loving being part of the CFW family. I am so impressed with the coaches. The tough love that is given to do the movements correctly, really shows they care. Thanks!

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