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With all of this squatting we are doing there has been a lot of discussions about depth, “How low should I go?”, butt winks and “I saw a video of people squatting all the way to the floor…”.  Like the article I will link below will tell you it is important to remember that everyone is different and not all of our bodies were created equal with regards to squatting ability and form.  Some of us have very long levers, some short, some are very flexible by nature and others tight, all of these and many other factors go in to how low you should go and your body position in the bottom of a squat.  If you have a question or concern about where you should be please do not be afraid to ask.

Although, we all hope to be elite athletes at some point with all of this training we are not all there yet.  Therefore, as coaches our goal is to make you generally physical prepared and you cannot achieve this if you are injured.  So we will help you get to a position in which you can safely and efficiently lower heavy loads in to the bottom position of the squat then raise them back to the top position while maintaining proper body position with specific emphasis on maintaining a neutral spine.

How Deep Should I Squat?

Today: 06/11/2014

Front Squats

6×3 @ 66%


EMOM for 10 mins

10 Sit Ups

2 Muscle Ups (6 Chest to Bar Pull Ups).

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