Regionals Weekend


If you haven’t bought your tickets to the Mid Atlantic regional event next weekend you can do so HERE
We will operate normal hours on Friday the 23rd but will close Saturday the 24th and Sunday the 25th to support our team at Regionals. You can find the schedule and directions to the venue HERE as well. We hope a lot of you can make it out to this event as it is definitely not guaranteed we make it next year at all.
Back squat 6X1 at 92% ( 6 sets of 1 rep at 92%)
AMRAP in 12 of
12 Wall Balls
12 Knees to elbow
12 Hand release push-ups

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One Response to Regionals Weekend

  1. Dr Pauley says:

    I’ll be there each day with the chiropractic table plus a massage therapist for all CFW athletes and fans!

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