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Pictured above is our current Open Gym Hours (added 9am-11am!!) and the 2014 Strong Side Clinic and Seminar Schedule. Here are some things to consider with the info above:

OPEN GYM – To provide some clarity, our Open Gym policy is as follows: There are 2 prerequisites for usage of the Strong Side for open gym – First, you must’ve attended a barbell series (either past or present). Open Gym is typically unsupervised so safe usage of the equipment is paramount. We ensure this through our coach-led barbell series.  A Saturday Clinic does not make you eligible. Secondly, Open Gym is free for Gold Members and $25 a Month for Non-Gold. Usage is also contingent on other classes and events. Also, please be aware of the Code of Conduct posted on the Strong Side. Violation of those rules may restrict your usage.

Use of the Box and its equipment outside of class has been a hot topic in the past (as it will likely continue to be in the future). Our view and policy has sometimes been misinterpreted, often at our own doing. While we are happy to provide the space and equipment to help you reach your fitness goals, Open Gym does prove contrary to our goal at CFW – to provide our community with a functional, intense, constantly varied fitness program in a safe, well instructed group environment. There are literally dozens of “Open Gyms” in this area and the biggest reason why we have so many people from that environment is because of the program we provide. We are, however, well aware of the benefits of offering Open Gym and how our goals as a Box can coexist with the idea of individuals training on their own. It is for that reason why Open Gym has evolved the way it has. We will continue to strive to offer as many quality services as possible while still honoring what we stand for.

CLINICS – A link to get enrolled for Clinics will appear on the BlogPost 5 days before the class. Currently, limitations in ZenPlanner opens the Barbell Clinic on Monday Evenings at 9AM and the Gymnastics Clinic on Tuesday Nights at 11PM. Classes are capped and it’s first come, first served. Sign up includes a 4 spot waiting list, so, if you’re on that list, please arrive prepared to take the Clinic. Clinic’s are free for Gold Members and $20 for Non-Gold.

SEMINARS – Registration for each 7-Week Barbell Series opens roughly 1 MONTH before the start of the series. Registration is on the Sign Up page on Zenplanner. A link to sign up is posted on the BlogPost and our other Social Media Outlets.

Speaking of the seminar, one of our former members, Brandon Henderson (typically of the 6AM), signed up for the the 6AM OLYMPIC LIFTING SERIES. Unfortunately, he had to move before being able to take advantage of the Seminar. Brandon has graciously donated his spot for someone who is available to take it. In order to take his spot, you must email with the subject line “#UNDERTHEBAR”. THIS SPOT IS ONLY FOR THE 6AM CLASS!! THE VERY FIRST PERSON TO RESPOND WILL RECEIVE FREE ENTRY.

Today we start our 10-Week Squat Series. Pull out your WODBook to calculate the appropriate weight.





*3 Burpees Every Minute on the Minute

**If you said, “Whoa! That’s a lot”, scale, scale, scale!! (Bands, Ring Rows, Jumping PU)

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  1. Jenn V. says:

    So much good stuff. Love the open gym hours and the policy makes sense, thanks for explaining!

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