The Butt-Wink



Thank you for the ideas from last night.  We have actually thought about most of them before, now you have given us the push we need to make it happen.  Be on the lookout for a guest blog post regarding squat mobility specifics coming out soon.  Seeing how we are about to start squatting a lot in the next 10 weeks I wanted to address a major issue many people have that can easily be fixed…The Butt-Wink.  Some of you have heard us tell you that you have one and what it means many times before.  Check out the article from CrossFit North Scottsdale below and re-educate yourself on what it is and how to fix it before we start improving our squat on Monday!

Are you guilty of the Butt-Wink?

Today: 04/25/14

Establish a new 1RM Front Squat


Establish a new 3RM Strict Press


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One Response to The Butt-Wink

  1. Chuck says:

    Very informative article dealing with the cause of the “butt-wink”

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