What do you want?


So each night we write about different topics that we think you want to hear about or we find interesting.  Hopefully we entertain or educating you in the process.  With that in mind we want to take tonight and ask you what you would like to see written about on a more regular basis.  Or if you really don’t care or read the post each night you can let us know to shut up and just give you the WOD.  Nothing is off limits, if we do not know anything about a topic we will do our best to research and bring you some info.  Comment and let us know what you want!

Today: 04/23/2014

4 Rounds – Rest 2 mins after each round


7 Power Snatch (135/95)

*your score is your slowest round

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5 Responses to What do you want?

  1. Dr Pauley says:

    I think a “CrossFit Woodbridge Athlete of the Week” would be cool. Sometimes members who work out at different times never get a chance to meet, so it’d be a good way to find out more about other folks at the gym.

  2. Elysia Whisler says:

    That’s a good idea Dr. Pauley! Similar to that, you could have members guest blog once in a while — maybe once a month or whatever — somebody like Donna who could talk about PT or rowing or Napua could talk how CrossFit helps her do hula — or whatever. Mostly coach focused but once in awhile the members can share their specialities.

    • Dr Pauley says:

      I’d love to contribute a week of mobility WOD posts with an the workout incorporating something discussed in the blog post into the warmup/warm down.

  3. Napua says:

    I like those ideas!

  4. Candace Fraser says:

    I love reading the blog posts! The ideas above are great.

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