Some administrative notes.


It has been a great week of fitness for all of you this week.  Safe travels to all of you who are going out of town for the holiday and don’t eat too much candy.  A few administrative notes for everyone this evening.

1.  We have had some issues with children horsing around during CrossFit classes and creating an unsafe environment for both athlete and child.  If you choose to bring your children, which we are ok with, please keep an eye on them and ensure they are out of the way of class.  Coordinating your workout with CrossFit Kids class is a great way to keep them entertained.  See Coach Evy for more information.

2.  After weeks of observation time and speaking with many of you we understand that your schedules change, therefore we will be returning to our previous mid morning schedule as of Monday, April 21st.  Class will now be at 9:30am instead of 9 and 10 am.  We hope this creates a more exciting WOD environment for everyone while bringing our community closer.

3.  Some key dates to remember:

May 3-4:  We will be hosting the CrossFit Powerlifting Seminar

May 10th: CrossFit Woodbridge Games

May 11th:  Mother’s Day WOD with your Mom Day at CFW

May 23-25: Mid Atlantic Regionals

Today: 4/19/2014

Teams of 3

Isabel 1.5 (45 Snatches) (135/95)

*1 Athlete works while 2 athletes execute bar hang


Karen 1.5 (225 Wall Balls) (20/14)

*1 Athlete works while the other 2 athletes must hold the front plank position

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