Sleep is important!



We know we have a hard working community both in and out of the gym.  We also know that many of you may be sacrificing sleep to ensure other aspects of your life receive much needed attention.  With that in mind I found an article from Catalyst Athletics that highlights some facts about sleep cycles, sleep stages, and how you might want to plan out your sleep in the future.  Check out the article and comment on how you make time for sleep while balancing everything else.  Understanding Sleep for Optimal Recovery & Productivity

Today: 04/16/2014

1RM Clean and Jerk


For Time:

100 Double Under Buy-In

15 Power Cleans (185/125)

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4 Responses to Sleep is important!

  1. tassha says:

    I am sitting at work considering a coffee habit (I dont drink coffee) because I am soooo tired today. Reading this did not help 🙂

    • danbroughton says:

      There are worse habits to have. Get some energy and see you at CFW tonight!


  2. Rich says:

    “When you wake up out of deep periods of sleep continuously, you are subconsciously telling your body that you no longer need deep periods of sleep.” smells like bullshit to me. It would be nice of articles like this to back up their “science” with links to legit studies.

  3. Rich says:

    One other thing regarding their mention of “sleep cycle alarms”:

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