Technique over strength



Technique over strength goes so deep into so many things here at CFW.  The rope climb being one of them.  I can probably get every single person on the rope and on their way up the rope in some capacity.  This IS matter of technique.  It does have a lot to do with strength but not as much as you think.  LEGS and a little coordination is going to be the determining factor between getting up this bad boy and not.  I’m going to teach you the ways of the rope climbing world tomorrow.  Come in and get it done.



Skill: Rope climbs


For time:

8 Rope climbs

12 Thrusters (115, 75)

6 Rope Climbs

10 Thrusters

4 Rope Climbs

8 Thrusters

2 Rope Climbs

6 Thrusters

12 Burpees

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