Olympic Lifting Seminar, Snatch Clinic, Gymnastics Clinic


There is a lot going on around CFW and plenty of opportunities to work on your skills, build strength, and attack weaknesses.  All of these classes are capped so be sure to pay attention to when registration begins.  You can register for all on Zen Planner.

Olympic Lifting Seminar:  Registration will open tonight at midnight on Zen Planner.  Check the link or details.  This seminar is capped at 16 athletes.

Snatch Clinic: Dan will be leading our 90 min snatch clinic this Saturday.  Registration will open Monday evening at 9pm.  Register quickly as this clinic is capped at 8 athletes.

Gymnastics Clinic: This will be a similar format to our weightlifting clinics and have the same prices.  Classes will work on gymnastics skills and strength movements.  Sundays at noon and 2 hours long.  Registration opens Monday evening.

Today: 3/24/2014

Baseline Check-In

Row 500m

40 Squats

30 Sit Ups

20 Push Ups

10 Pull ups


3 RM Back Squat

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