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We’re going to try and do something we’ve never done on a Saturday before.  We’ve never put pressure on ourselves.  What I mean is that when we do a team or partner WOD we obviously put intensity forth but, what does that mean?  Have you ever felt like “oh, crap we might lose” probably not.  So, we’re going to try and turn it up a bit.  We’re going to do teams of 2 for the following workout but before you go you’re going to be matched up with another team of two that is going to try and beat your time.  The team that goes first will be determined by a coin toss. They will perform the workout and the second team will then try and beat the first teams time.  SO you can’t just do the workout and hope is was good enough.  Now, you have to make damn sure you went for it to make sure your team wins.  The coach will make sure things are fair before moving on.

Oh, losing team does 150 burpees as a pair


50 Thrsuters (95,65)

50 Pull-ups

35 Thrusters

35 Pull-ups

22 Thrusters

22 Pull-ups

11 Thrusters

11 Pull-ups



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