It’s only awkward if you make it awkward when talking about slippage.  We talk a lot about the bar position when doing anything overhead.  The bar NEEDS to be on the rack position like pictured above.  The shoulders shrugged up into the bar, elbows under the bar but not too far forward.  What we don’t talk about too much is when you dip too quickly and allow the bar to slip down about an inch or so from the rack position.  If the athlete drops down too quickly the bar will move and it’s only got one way to go, down.  I hope you can visualize the obvious; if the bar is going down while you’re trying to get it to go up then something is wrong.  So, you see now how you’re going to need to keep the bar in position and lower yourself WITH the bar.  Don’t drop under it.



HPC (115, 75)

Wall Ball


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One Response to Slippage

  1. Candace Fraser says:

    Thanks for the great coaching Dan (and the picture)!! It felt so great to get that weight up after a failed attempt! ! : )

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