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Some of you who take the mile long walk to the water fountain may see the conjugate strength class doing some weird stuff.  This time they were floor pressing.

The Floor Press.  Why Floor press? The floor press will increase your bench and pushing movements with no question.  It will help the ever so tough lock out that may be the hardest part of the bench press, itself.  Also, the triceps are being taxed way more than a regular bench press and will build mass as well as power in these muscles. The floor press isn’t a full range of motion movement but, having to lower the weight down to the floor, stop on the floor and then push that weight back up is extremely difficult.  This movement is much like the box squat when you lower weight, stop on an object, let the weight dissipate into the object and reverse the power back up.  Explosive power and sticking points is what we’re working here.  You may see these movements be done with chains as well. This is called accommodating resistance which, in essence is making the weight heavier at the top of the movement and lighter at the bottom.  Science.


You’re going to take about 10 minutes to warm up to a snatch about 90% of max.  Then:

5 rounds:

3 Rounds of Cindy (5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats)

1 Snatch IMMEDIATELY after the 3 rounds

*Cindy rounds should be done at max effort, MAX effort

**The snatch needs to take place within 2-3 seconds of the last Squat on the 3rd round of Cindy.

This is meant to be hard.  Lifting weights when metabolically challenged is. not. easy but, must be done.

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