When I grow up..


We talked about the Kids and how awesome it is to see them compete and enjoy being fit and healthy.  Now I want to turn our attention to another group, The Parents and Grandparents of CFW.  The Kids might be cool to see but you guys are an inspiration.  I can only hope that I still have the drive and dedication to fitness when I am a parent that you guys demonstrate each day.  There are days when the body hurts or I just do not feel like hitting a WOD and I think, if this group is doing it, I can do it.  Keep up the hard work!

I know some of you have been active forever but how many of you never thought you would snatch or clean and jerk just a few months ago?  Who never thought you would celebrate a deadlift PR like it was a major life accomplishment?

Just like the Kids some of the parents will be crushing the CFW Games starting tomorrow so come out and support them.

Today: 03/07/14

1RM Strict Press


3 sets of 3 reps @ 85%


Coach led Core Strengthening

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6 Responses to When I grow up..

  1. E says:

    Is there 6:30 or 7:30pm class tonight or are they cancelled b/c of the open?

  2. Candace Fraser says:

    I never, I mean NEVER! thought I would be snatching, deadlifting…etc I love it and have so much fun (most of the time : ) I’m so proud of my girls too and can’t wait to cheer them on tomorrow! !

  3. Kelly says:

    I never, ever imagined myself doing this. Sometimes I feel like I just hurt all the time from CF, I feel like I am never going to make progress, and I have setbacks and frustrations simply because I am not in my 20’s or even 30’s anymore, but for my kids’ sake and because I don’t want them to ever see me give up because something is too hard, I keep coming to CF and giving it my best.

  4. Candace Fraser says:

    I never, I mean NEVER, thought I’d be lifting and doing all the other skills we do at crossfit! ! What a privilege it is to workout with amazing coaches and friends!! That’s a huge motivator for me. I’m often sore : ) but I’ve never felt better!!

    I also love how crossfit Woodbridge supports my daughters (and all our young athletes). This is such a cool thing we can all do together (and talk about constantly w/out driving each other crazy). I can’t wait to cheer them on tomorrow night at the open!

  5. Rae says:

    I waited too damn long to get back in shape. I was always very fit and athletic when younger, but took it for granted. Once my first daughter was born, I used that as an excuse – I was too busy now, my kids needed more time from me, the only time I get to rest, I’m not going to workout, etc. Fast forward 10 yrs later when I joined CrossFit to get back into shape. I assumed my fitness would just “come back”, but instead got a painful realization that an aging body doesn’t just spring right back and it has a host of new problems like arthritis. Wishing I had done something to take better care of myself those years. I’m so glad I found CF now, before anymore time goes by so I can reclaim some of that youth. Nutrition and mobility are key to helping me out with recovery. I’m so inspired by the 60 and 70 yr old CF athletes I’ve seen competing and continuing to stay healthy. I know it’s not easy for them but they keep it up. To all of the (still) young moms and dads who come in with their babies or toddlers – I shout out a HUGE kudos to you guys. You’re making the time to take care of yourselves and also giving your kids a great example. The entire CF community motivates me to keep at it. I am past my years of excuses. Now I just keep moving forward.

  6. Elysia says:

    I’ve always been active, but I never thought I’d be doing clean and jerks or snatches or anything with a barbell. No interest, whatsoever. But once I started, there was something about moving that bar that no other form of exercise accomplished — a kind of concrete reinforcement of vitality. Once you have kids, your focus shifts and it’s not all about you anymore. Day in and day out, someone else is always more important to you than you. But weightlifting gives us a literal reminder that we, too, are still “growing up.” We, as individuals, still have a lot to achieve, and it’s not up to anyone else to decide (bosses, kids, etc). It’s only up to us. Aaaaaand that ends my deep moment for the night. 😉

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