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Hey errryone, did you see that the strong side is now open?  Take a look in there and see our new digs.  There was an e-mail sent about two weeks ago on all the times and programs going on there so,re-open or open that for the first time and check it out.  Also, all the times for CrossFit and barbell club and the programs have been updated on the schedule page as well so please check that out also.

We’re really excited for the strong side to finally open with our Powerlifting seminar and we’ve gotten some great enrollment.  Some classes are almost closed because of our 12 person cap so, if you’re thinking about getting in there, GET IN THERE!!

Lastly, the CrossFit Woodbridge Games in coming up on us quickly and I want to express how much fun last year was.  IT’S NOT ABOUT WHO IS BETTER AND WHO CAN OR CAN’T DO THIS OR THAT….IT’S ABOUT FUN AND PUSHING OURSELVES!!!  Guys, there have been so many of you on the fence because of the “oh, I don’t know if I can do this or that…”  Our games are about bringing everyone together to push each other and to have a great time, that’s it!!  Ask someone who competed in our games last year or our classics this past fall.  There isn’t anything like putting yourself out there to get better.  Plus we drink beer afterwards soo…


1RM Push Press

10 Russian KB swings

1 burpee….

10 swings, 2 burpees, 10 swings 3…up to 10 burpees then back down in burpees.  (10/10, 10/9, 10/8,10/7…)


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