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One week from today, CrossFit Headquarters will announce the first workout of the 2014 CrossFit Games season. Athletes from around the world will participate in the largest athletic competition ever held. Of all of those athletes, only about 3% will move on to the next step. However, that won’t stop the hundreds of thousands of people from participating. Mirroring the workouts of the worldwide competition, the 2014 CFW Games will begin on Fri, Mar 7 at 6:30PM. Workouts are announced the Monday prior.

Ask anyone who has participated; the CFW Games is more than a 5-week competition. It’s more than just another workout. This unique experience will teach you more about yourself than you’ve ever known. The energy of the crowd, the support of your fellow competitors, and the exhilaration of having your moment to shine propels athletes to reach levels of determination they’ve never experienced. Similar to our daily WODs, the vast majority don’t compete to beat their neighbor. Instead, they challenge themselves to step outside of their comfort zone to do the best they possibly can, leaving everything on the floor.

For clarification, athletes will be divided between 3 divisions: RX, Masters, and Scaled. You won’t register to be placed into a division. Instead, your CFW coaches will help you make an informed decision of which division to compete. The following is the criteria for each division:

RX – Athletes will complete the workout as designed. These will in all likelihood match the CrossFit Open WODs.
MASTERS – 40 Years Old and Older (meeting this requirement won’t automatically place you in this division) Slightly lighter weights and possible changes of range of motion (i.e. CTB pull ups changed to pull ups)
SCALED – Lighter weight than Masters. Changes to range of motion and movement substitutions (i.e. Muscle Ups changed to pull ups + ring dips)
*All scaling options will be universal, meaning everyone will be held to the same standard. For example, if a band is permitted to be used, only the band specified will be allowed.

If you’re going to miss one of the Friday events, you may make-up the WOD that week to get a valid score.

Here are some important dates to keep in mind:
•Registration ends Sun, Mar 2
•The first WOD is announced Mon, Mar 3
•The first event is Fri, Mar 7
•The ONE DAY Final event is Sat, May 10

You can sign up by clicking this link to ZenPlanner: https://crossfitwoodbridge.sites.zenplanner.com/sign-up-now.cfm

TODAY: THURS, FEB 20, 2014

*From the ground


*5 Box Jumps Every Minute On The Minute, including at the start
*100 Lunges total, NOT per leg.

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