Getting Fit For . . . ?


I was involved in a very interesting conversation yesterday with Coach Nick and Coach Lauren. To summarize it, Coach Nick was commending Coach Lauren on the fact that she uses her fitness for something other than to workout more. He respects the fact that she pursues active hobbies such as rock climbing, mountain biking, and adventure races. And the fact that she is exceptionally fit, it allows her to truly enjoy those activities as opposed to having to focus on fatigue. So it made me think, why do I actually get fit? Sure, I want to have a functional capacity for my entire life. And, yes, I want to be prepared for the unknown and the unknowable. But for the right here and the right now, why do I WOD? I’m sure I fit into the same category as many in that working out is a hobby. I enjoy working out so I get fit so that I can workout more.

So I pose that question to you? Why do you WOD? Short term & Long term. Post in the comments for all of us to enjoy.

TODAY: TUES, FEB 18, 2014

MAX WALL BALLS 20/14 (in the time remaining)


10 PUSH PRESS 75/50
MAX AIR SQUATS (in the time remaining)
*You’ll have 2 scores for this workout: The fewest number of wall balls completed in one round and the fewest number of air squats completed in one round.

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9 Responses to Getting Fit For . . . ?

  1. Kelly says:

    CrossFit has been my ticket to being active with my kids. This season we have learned how to ski, something I never would have attempted before starting CF. I look forward to more hiking this spring and summer, and possibly a kayaking or rafting trip. CrossFit is definitely not an end in itself, but a means to other fun things, and I am so thankful.

  2. Dan says:

    It used to be for fun until I really saw the real life application. I’m only 34 but when I see some people I went to high school with, I’m gonna be honest, time hasn’t been good to some of them. I look and feel decades younger than some of my peers. Now I stay as fit as I can to stay ahead. I love going to the doctor and hearing him say I’m the healthiest person he’s seen in a long long time. I take pride in that. I also love to play soccer at a level close to high school and college. I can wake up, workout, play 36 holes of golf or play soccer or go paddle boarding and feel great. I want jt stay as fit as I can for as long as I can and then go out with a bang. Like get in a fight with a shark and almost win.

  3. Lloyd says:

    As a first responder, being physically and mentally prepared to handle anything at anytime is the name of the game. Nothing prepares me better than CrossFit.

  4. Elysia says:

    Short term, I WOD because it makes me feel better. My whole day is better when I WOD. I can be kind of irritable when I don’t, to be honest. Long term, I WOD because it makes me super healthy, and the healthier I am, the better I am at everything else I do. Whether it’s mothering, writing, dancing, running, even sleeping and eating and the choices I make. My brain’s clearer. My body’s in better shape. I feel fine-tuned. I’m just more who I’m supposed to be.

  5. Victor says:

    Initially, it started as a way to compliment running/trail running. I was able to increase my stamina and push my self further with CrossFit. And I always feel better after a WOD especially a Hero WOD. Dan mentioned feeling way healthier and looking decades younger than his peers. Another way to look at it and it may sound egotistical but there are 20 or 30 year olds who are not as active or fit as we are. CrossFit allows me to be functionally fit and enjoy trail running or any other activity without feeling totally wiped afterwards.

  6. Ray says:

    I WOD for three reasons…Faith, Violet, and Gianna! Three daughters…enough said.

  7. Dr Pauley says:

    Hunter’s eyes are freaking INTENSE there!

  8. Rae says:

    I’ve battled on and off with depression for many years. When my body is healthy and strong, my mind is clear and strong. I tell people that fighting depression without exercise is like driving a car with a very cloudy windshield and no gear shifter. Regular exercise, especially at this intensity, brings stability and clarity to my life. And the CF community/friendships just make that even better. Not to mention, total agreement with the other parents who are enjoying time and activities with their kids more since we are fit and capable. It’s like Elysia said – “I’m just more who I’m supposed to be.”

  9. Napualokelani says:

    I love being challenged. Im an (almost extreme) adrenaline junkie and travel a lot in search of new adventures that require me to be fit to partake. When I go home to Hawai’i, I find new intermediate/difficult hikes to challenge me and to visit areas of the islands Ive never seen up close. Lastly, I have 3 kids that keep me going. I need my fitness to beat the boys off of my daughter and the girls off of my boys!

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