Body Image on Valentines Day


Happy Valentines Day!  Not only a day to love others but also to love ourselves.  I have seen this before but every time I do I find it so interesting to admire the many different body types of top level athletes.  These athletes are elite and obviously confident in their bodies.  I think these photos cover almost all Olympic sports and many others outside the olympics.  These athletes range from short to tall, big to small, and different dominant muscle groups but you cannot argue that they are all athletes.  Many times throughout the Winter Olympics specifically I hear, “They are not athletic!” or “This should not be a sport” and my favorite, “I could so that”.  All of those lead me to my questions for you.  What makes a person an athlete?  What makes an activity a sport?  And lastly, for the more image driven folks reading this, what athlete/sport comes with the most healthy looking body types?

Comparing Vastly Different Body Types of Olympic Athletes

Reminder:  Today is a WOD with your sweetie day!  Bring your sweetheart, member or not and knock out a WOD for love.

Today: 04/14/14

AMRAP in 15 mins (In love teams of 2 or Athletes of 1)

20 Lunges


10 Wall Balls

5 Pull Ups


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