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The Capital Affiliate League is in it’s 4th week and pressure on our teams to do well is at an all time high. They need your support to ensure their entry into the championship. Our Masters Team, pictured above, will be at CrossFit Fairfax. The Open Divison team will be out at CrossFit Impavidus and our Upper Team compete at CrossFit Praxis. Competitions start at 1PM sharp so show up with your support.

Speaking of team, today’s team WOD will take a lot of communication. Your 4 person team will split into 2 pairs. One pair starts on cleans, the other starts on HSPU. At the start of the clock, with one person of each pair working at a time, your team has to complete 150 reps of both movements. However, the pairs will switch movements every minute. You’ll pick up where the other pair left off. The exchange of accurate information while fatigued could be the biggest challenge of this WOD. Good Luck.

TODAY: SAT, FEB 1, 2014

A/B: 150 POWER CLEANS 165#/115#
*Pairs switch every minute on the minute. One member of each pair works at a time. Time stops when all reps of both movements are complete.

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