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I started Crossfit after I committed to play division 1 soccer at Old Dominion University in my junior year of high school. I had always considered myself to be athletic until the day I stepped foot into this gym, because to me, running was the only form of exercise I needed to do. The idea of lifting weights was intimidating.

My first day was like anyone’s first day of Crossfit: I used two of the thickest bands possible for pull-ups, had no idea what a “WOD” was, and could barely lift the 35-pound bar off the round. However, as months passed, I found myself getting mentally and physically stronger. On the field I was able to hold off defenders more easily which took my game to a whole new level. Crossfit became one of my favorite parts of my day, because I was actually excited to get better in every aspect of it! Looking back three years ago, I would laugh at the thought of doing pull-ups, rope climbs, and deadlifting over 200 pounds, but now they are everyday accomplishments!

Now that I’m in college and on a team, I have a different workout and lifting regimen to follow, but there is no question in my mind that Crossfit is the best type of workout anyone could get. Whenever I am home for winter and summer breaks, I ALWAYS come back to CFW; but not just to workout. The coaches and encouraging atmosphere are unlike anything someone would find in a Gold’s Gym or LA fitness. The strong support system is the main reason I actually got stronger. Someone is always there to push you to do better. In three years, I gained a healthy addiction to working out, a stress reliever, and most importantly, a community full of people who want you to succeed. Joining Crossfit was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I will always be a member! (Thank you to the Chapman family for introducing me!)

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