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The CrossFit Woodbridge (CFW) Basic Olympic Weightlifting class will significantly improve your strength, endurance, flexibility and confidence when performing the Snatch and Clean and Jerk, as well as performance in all CrossFit movements. The value far outweighs the cost!

  I just completed the CFW Basic Olympic Weightlifting Class run by owner, Dan Broughton. Although I’ve been doing CrossFit at CFW for 18 months, my technique and strength in Olympic weightlifting movements lacked, as I never received any training in these movements prior to January 2014. Although, Dan and his excellent staff of trainers educate and train CFW athletes on these movements during daily workouts, there is not sufficient time to really evaluate, critique, and correct form and technique to the level required.

CFW’s Basic Olympic Weightlifting Class addressed the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk + a number of accessory movements designed to increased strength, flexibility, endurance, and technique. I significantly increased my performance in all of these areas. My Snatch PR 1RM improved from 45 to 105 and my Clean and Jerk PR 1RM improved from 124 to 145. If I had not spent so much energy working up to my PR on the Snatch, I honestly believe my Clean and Jerk PR would have been closer to 165 or higher. 

Regardless, Dan’s focused and experienced coaching significantly improved my lifting techniques. By limiting each session to about 6-8 students, he is able to evaluate, critique, and correct nearly every lift performed by every student. His deep and expansive knowledge of proper weightlifting technique and training really benefit every student if they apply the principles and advice he provides. He runs two sessions per week with each session lasting 1-½ hours. Every student puts in a significant amount of work and effort in each session as they progress through his program. In addition to improving my technique, I found that my overall strength and endurance significantly improved. As I performed other CrossFit workouts, I felt much stronger in all areas, to include cardio. Additionally, Dan outfitted the Strong Side Lifting portion of the CFW box with all of the tools (bars, platforms, color coded competitive weightlifting plates, stackable boxes to change the start location of the lift) required to complete all movements to improve form, technique, and strength.

The value I got from this class far outweighed the cost I paid. I intend to take the Advanced Olympic Weightlifting Class when offered. If you are looking to improve your overall strength, endurance, flexibility, and confidence, I highly recommend taking the Olympic Weightlifting classes at CFW.  

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